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VOMP General / MVP / UTF-8-Bug in Vompserver-plugin 0.4.0
« on: October 08, 2013, 20:59:58 »

i found a bug in the new vompserver-plugin 0.4.0:
The new UTF8-support is great, but it is not implemented in the timers and recordings:

processSetTimer sends the filename in iso/latin-charset, should send in utf8

getTimers sends filename in unicode, should send in iso/latin-charset

For the recordinglist the filename and directoryname should be converted to iso/latin before they are sent to the client.

Is there a chance for a small bugfix soon? The incorrect characters are a bit annoying... :)


VOMP General / MVP / Bug: Deleting Recordings
« on: January 23, 2008, 12:25:18 »

I assume that I have found a bug in the VOMP-Server, when deleting a recording:

I have two hard drives in my VDR, that are mounted in /video/video0 and /video/video1.
VDR saves the recordings equally in both directories automatically - the files on /video/video1 have aditionally symlinks on the right positions at /video/video0. So when I want to play the recordings, it is enough to search in /video/video0.

Now I found, that there hass gathered about 80 GB files of "deleted" recordings (that are no more on /video/video0) in /video/video1. One of my programs (VDRAdmin, VDR-Zapper or VOMP) seems to only delete the files from the first drive. A first test suggests, that VOMP is the culprit.

Can anybody confirm this experience, or do anybody know how the VOMP-Code is working? :-)


VOMP General / MVP / Recordings and timers
« on: August 30, 2006, 21:39:51 »
There are 2 thinks I am wondering about in the newest vomp-version:

Timers: It seems to be unpossible to delete a current timer.

Recordings: Something is cusious with the directories. I have a dir- tree like this:

|-> "Monk"
       |-> "_"
              |-> "2005-05-"
              |-> "2005-11-"
       |-> "2005-06-"
       |-> "2005-06-"

In VDR-Admin they are all displayed in one Folder "Monk" and all named "Monk", in VOMP they are displayed in a Folder "Monk" and the recordings from the folder "_" in a sub-folder "Monk". In the subfolder the recordings are unnamed.

Any idea? :-)


VOMP General / MVP / jump-bug in (current) recordings
« on: August 08, 2006, 08:30:55 »

I noticed a bug with playing (current) recordings in VOMP 0.2.4 / VDR 1.2.6:
The time seems to not update correctly, 1 sec in the timeline are about 5 sec in real.
So when i skip a minute/10 sec back, je jumps much too long ahead...

Can anybody confirm this?


P.S.: By the way, I still have problems with Audio / Video syncronisation in LiveTV.

Hi community,

i have a new router since last week - a Netgear GR614v3 - and i have regularly problems with it. In search of the cause i stumble across vomp's new built-in bootp-server. could it be that he doesn't cooperate with the router's dhcp-server?
How does the bootp-server check if the new IPs are free/unused? What is when the dhcp-server did acquire them for another computer?
I think it is not possible to tell the bootp-server a ip-range to use or a specific mediamvp it's exactly ipto use in the vomp settings?

Any ideas, if there could be a conflict between vomp and my router?


VOMP General / MVP / Some more ideas for the next version(s)
« on: April 24, 2006, 13:28:33 »

last days i played a lot with vomp and thought about possible improvements.
Here are my results for your further discussion:

New features:
1. programme-reminders
Chris mentioned this in "The Plan". Would be really interesting, if this worked automatically. So I put some Search-Strings like "Robbie Williams" or so and get a message if there is a new show with him on any channel.

2. protected recordings
Was discussed here:
Would be nice to have per user- or per mediamvp protected recordings/folders/timers, that can only be seen from a specific user or mediamvp (MAC-address).

3. Folders for new recordings
A possibility to select an existing folder (and/or add a new folder) when adding a new timer.
(E.g. i would like to order my recordings like "username/movies/moviename" or (to carry that to the extremes) "user/series/seriesname/season/episodename")

4. Register-View: Options
What do you think about making registers at the options-page? So you won't have to leave the options-menue any more to change the sub-category.

5. Register-View: Channels
Just an idea: Registers in the Channels list. I have some marks in my channels.conf, esp. for music-channels, sport-channels, news-channels etc.
Perhaps you could add registers on the top of the channels-page: [All] [Music] [Sports] [News] (depending on the individual channels.conf).
In my optinion this would make the selection of a channel much quicker. (By the way: What's about a small channel-selection-onscreen-field?)

6. Move/Rename Recordings
Possibility to Rename and/or move a recording or directory

7. Call monitor
I have a isdn-card in my vdr. would be nice to get a little info-box about incoming calls on my mediamvp [possibly only for one specific number/msn -- possibility to automatically pause time-shifted livetv]

8. FileBrowser/Viewer for Photos
9. FileBrowser/Viewer for Mpeg-Files
10. FileBrowser/Viewer for DVDs
11. FileBrowser/Viewer for MP3s/Audio-Files
I know that this is very low priority for Chris, but we could keep this in mind for future ;-)

Bugs/improving existing functionality

1. Backward-Scan in Recordings
Mentioned in "The Plan"

2.Ordering in Recordings
Anything's no more working correcty here (at least with VDR 1.2.6):
Seems that vomp orders the recordings by name (asc) and the folders by date. In my opinion this should work the other way round:
folders by name, recordings by date.

3. Direct Channel-selection while onscreen-display is shown
Is there a possibility to let vomp accept the numbers (for switching to another channel) while the onscreen now&next-box is shown?
When I quickly switch between some channels i always have to press "ok" first.

4. No sound in LiveTV
With the new Version (0.2.2) i have sometimes no sound after selecting a new channel (esp. when i directly change it by chan+/-). Cannot remember to hava had this with Vomp 0.1.2.

Thanks again to Chris for this great piece of software! :-)


VOMP General / MVP / recordings progress bar
« on: April 19, 2006, 21:59:08 »

I found a bug with the new recordings progress bar:
If I fast-forward a recording, the seconds doesn't count faster, and if i stop fast-forwarding, it jumps to the new time. It would be nice to count in "real-time" quicker...

And what's with recordings that are still recording? The Total-Time/Progress should change while the recording, but it seems (have not completely tested it), that it doesn't update these numbers.


VOMP General / MVP / |< on new remotes
« on: January 17, 2006, 22:31:30 »

could it be, that vomp 0.1.1 has following bug:
when pressing the "|<"-button on new remotes while watching a recording, that button has the same function as ">|" and forwards a minute, not rewinds? Not really sure, perhaps anybody can confirm this? :-)



VOMP General / MVP / Missing error checking in vompserver
« on: January 05, 2006, 17:46:59 »
Sometimes, when vdr starts up, the vompserver fails to allocate the UDPReplier socket. (I have no idea why, I believe it only happens when the vdr is automaticallly restarted by runvdr after a crash. ???)

The UDPReplier constructor calls the DatagramSocket constructor, which fails to allocate the socket and returns a DatagramSocket that's not initted. The UDPReplier doesn't notice this, however, and uses the DatagramSocket in its threadMethod. Because the DatagramSocket is not initted, it always returns immediately from its waitforMessage method and the UDPReplier thread enters a non-blocking infinite loop that uses 100% CPU time - that means the vdr is no longer able to carry out scheduled recordings and won't react to SVDRP connections anymore. :o

It would be great if you could add an error check that prevents these infinite loops.

VOMP General / MVP / Time in Recordings-List
« on: December 29, 2005, 12:53:50 »

I just noticed, that in the recordings-list the times are not as expected. I think VOMP has a problem with summer/wintertime. The recordings, which were made at 22.15 while summertime are now (in wintertime) shown as "21.15".

By the way: Could the format of the date/time in the recordings be made configurable by i18n? [Same for the EPG, but this is already tracked as a bug I think]. e.g.: "%d. %m. %H:%m" in the i18n-file.

Happy new Year to you all!


VOMP General / MVP / HDTV
« on: December 23, 2005, 04:42:54 »

I was just thinking about the possibility of watching HDTV with VOMP/MediaMVP.
Is the Mpeg-Decoder in the MediaMVP fast enough for HDTV? Will it be or is it already possible to watch HDTV with VOMP? :-)


VOMP General / MVP / Vomp 0.1
« on: December 19, 2005, 14:44:46 »
Hi Chris,

If muted and volume controls are used, it unmutes

One small thing:
If the volume is at 100% and I press Vol+, it doesn't unmute.

Am I allowed to write an announcement for Vomp 0.1 at


VOMP General / MVP / File Size
« on: December 18, 2005, 04:02:41 »

why is the file-size of the 0.1 dongle.bin 500 kb smaller than the last version 0.0.17?
Have you cleaned the code?


Edit: This 867kb-Version from Sourceforge doesn't work for me...

VOMP General / MVP / Audio/Video asynchronous
« on: November 14, 2005, 11:19:57 »

with the actual Dongle Version 0.0.16 (the first one I've used) I noticed that audio and video gets asynchronous after problems with the sat-reception (or just the stream-reception?). When video or audio jerks to a halt for a second, after that teh audio is no more synchronal to the video.

Anybody else noticed this?


VOMP General / MVP / German Translation
« on: November 10, 2005, 23:19:41 »
### discussion about the german translation ###

Moin moin,

in der aktuellen Dongle-Version 0.0.16 gibt es jetzt endlich Unterstützung für andere Sprachen (i18n).
Ich hatte, nachdem ich das im CVS gesehen habe, schon mal eine Übersetzung an Chris geschickt, die jetzt auch schon in der 0.0.16 enthalten ist.
Seht das aber bitte nur als ersten Vorschlag an. Wir können gerne diskutieren, welche Übersetzung/Bezeichnung die schönste ist. :-)
Ich würd vorschlagen, dass wir dafür diesen Thread hier benutzen:
Also, wenn ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge habt, nur her damit! :-)


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