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VOMP General / MVP / Re: UTF-8-Bug in Vompserver-plugin 0.4.0
« on: October 10, 2013, 14:19:20 »
I think you are right, Marten. But in the Timers-Section it is for sure missing.
Can you make a patch for it?
@Chris: Are there plans for a vomo 0.4.1 or 0.5.0?

VOMP General / MVP / UTF-8-Bug in Vompserver-plugin 0.4.0
« on: October 08, 2013, 20:59:58 »

i found a bug in the new vompserver-plugin 0.4.0:
The new UTF8-support is great, but it is not implemented in the timers and recordings:

processSetTimer sends the filename in iso/latin-charset, should send in utf8

getTimers sends filename in unicode, should send in iso/latin-charset

For the recordinglist the filename and directoryname should be converted to iso/latin before they are sent to the client.

Is there a chance for a small bugfix soon? The incorrect characters are a bit annoying... :)


VOMP General / MVP / Re: DVB Subtitles
« on: January 03, 2009, 02:19:16 »
Hej Marten,

is there any progress on the teletext-function? :-)
I am hoping for a next version with an updated mediaplayer, DVB-Subtitles and Teletext - that's a functionality my family is really missing...

Happy new year everybody!


VOMP General / MVP / Re: Special german chars (Umlaute)
« on: December 26, 2008, 22:32:05 »
Thank you, now the EPG is shown correctly! :-)))

VOMP General / MVP / Re: Special german chars (Umlaute)
« on: December 26, 2008, 21:54:23 »
Could you tell me exactly what to write in the environment-file?
At the moment it is:

Code: [Select]
LANG= "de_DE@euro ISO-8859-15"

Even after deleting the i am still having this problem...

VOMP General / MVP / Re: Special german chars (Umlaute)
« on: December 26, 2008, 18:51:16 »
I have the same problem with umlauts (äöüß) in the EPG with VOMP. With the recordings and directories is everything fine, it just occures with the EPG.

I tested the different solutions written in this thread, but so far I had no success... any more ideas? - I am using VDR 1.6 with VOMP 0.3.


VOMP General / MVP / Re: 0.3.0 released, whishlist for 0.4.0
« on: July 20, 2008, 20:59:27 »
My personal wishlist:

1. Timeshifting in LiveTV
2. better Timer-support (esp. choose of target-directory and making new directories -> a possibility of typing text with the remote)
3. Teletext (perhaps the rendering could be done by the tv, vomp just sends the full teletext-data - like a usual receiver does?)
4. Perhaps some optical improvements with icons etc.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: one just can't keep up with Klaus ;)
« on: March 24, 2008, 23:03:27 »
VDR version 1.6.0 is now available at

A summary of all the major changes since the last stable version 1.4.7 can be found at

A 'diff' against the previous developer version is available at

When updating from version 1.4.7 please make sure you read the INSTALL
and MANUAL files that come with the VDR source _before_ doing so!
Please make sure you have backup copies of all your configuration files,
and verify carefully that your timers will be set to the correct channels
after switching to this new version.

Thanks to the many people who have contributed in the making, testing and
debugging of this new version of VDR.

Have fun!


I don't think that your MVP is able to play hd-content - not because of the vomp-software, but because of the hardware-mpeg-decoder.

I would say a 100Mb/s network is find till 70-80Mb/s. And the may we get in Germany via satelite is 8Mb/s at the moment. This would bring us to 7-8 MVPs, but again assuming it is max per channel. If you use DVB-T the bandwith is 3Mb/s so you could have up to 20 - 25MVPs concurrent MVPs.
I suppose, this could be maximized, if you connect the VDR with Gigabit to the switch. :-)
Here are running 4 MVPs without any problems.

(I have problems with non-available channels every now and then... - but i've never testet encryptet channels)

VOMP General / MVP / Re: Bug: Deleting Recordings
« on: January 24, 2008, 16:02:48 »
Marten, you are right. It's a bug in VDR-Zapper.
Sorry! :-)

VOMP General / MVP / Bug: Deleting Recordings
« on: January 23, 2008, 12:25:18 »

I assume that I have found a bug in the VOMP-Server, when deleting a recording:

I have two hard drives in my VDR, that are mounted in /video/video0 and /video/video1.
VDR saves the recordings equally in both directories automatically - the files on /video/video1 have aditionally symlinks on the right positions at /video/video0. So when I want to play the recordings, it is enough to search in /video/video0.

Now I found, that there hass gathered about 80 GB files of "deleted" recordings (that are no more on /video/video0) in /video/video1. One of my programs (VDRAdmin, VDR-Zapper or VOMP) seems to only delete the files from the first drive. A first test suggests, that VOMP is the culprit.

Can anybody confirm this experience, or do anybody know how the VOMP-Code is working? :-)


VOMP General / MVP / Re: Wishlist
« on: November 11, 2007, 13:19:57 »
Here are my (old) thoughts on new features/wishlist:

Today my wishlist-priorities would be:

1. Teletext/Videotext
2. Timeshifting/Pausing/Resuming in LiveTV
3. Advanced Set/Edit Timers (we would need a typing-function for making new folders etc.)
4. Renaming Recordings (also needs that input-typing-function from No. 3)
5. Scrolling long epg-descriptions
6. Advanced Mediaplayer (esp. Video-Transcoding)
7. Direct Channel-selection while onscreen-display is shown (#keys while now/next-box is shown)
8. Skin-Engine for advanced/alternate screen-surfaces
9. Prettier Channel-Selection (e.g. with channel-icons?)
10. Channel-Bouquets/Tabs ( i habe in mind categories like public channels, private channels, news, sport etc., selectable viiews in tabs/registers)
11. editing channels.conf

When reading my old lists, i just realized what fantastic progresses VOMP has made during the last two years. A very loud THANK YOU to Chris and all other contributing developers!


VOMP General / MVP / Re: vomp hangs / box frozen
« on: August 30, 2007, 12:23:14 »
I have these problems with unavailable channels, too.
Would be great if a patch could be included in the next version.


VOMP General / MVP / Re: Vomp media player
« on: March 15, 2007, 08:53:09 »
Good morning everybody,

I'm really looking forward having such a great mediaplayer-functionality on my mvp! :-)
The description of the picture-module sounds advanced and elaborate.
I would agree to muellerph - it seems to be be fastest way to pre-scale and pre-cache the pictures/thumbnails on the server. We must keep in mind the different resolutions of PAL/NTSC.

Chris mentioned i while ago that a problem of adding more and more media-functionality on the mvp is the limited space in the dongle/on the mvp - is this still critical?


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