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This is my app on Google Play. As app owner/developer you get such info from Google.

But I just saw that Google removed it on 1st August. I need to check why, but I assume as I didn't upload any new version since 2 years and min. Android version is not correct.

VOMP General / MVP / Some statistics from the Android Remote App
« on: January 03, 2016, 09:50:14 »

just wanted to share some of the statistics which I automatically get from Google. The app doesn't collect any data, only Google does.
There is not a big userbase, for sure can also be the app itself or most using IPhones. Anyway some may be interested:

I did a small fix a week ago, so I can see how many users have recently updated the app:
New version    37 (6 are from my family)
Previous version   23
(depreciated)   12

The depreciated means most propably lost or broken devices.

German   53
Englisch   6
Russian   4
Finnish   2
Hebrew   2
(remaining are all 1)

Germany   54
Ukraine   4
USA     3
Finland   2
Israel    2
Algery   1
France   1
UK            1
Mexico   1
Norway   1

Other info providrd:
I also get Android version, mobile type, which tablet and telecon carrier.


I think I finally fixed the layout bug.

I had a missing setting in the layout where the error seems to be triggered when the MainWindow is resized.
This is on Android happening when you change the orientation.

Fixed package uploaded (version 0.5.1) and should be available soon.

Thanks for report and your patiency.



I have uploaded a new version, should be available in Google play in a few hours.
It took much much longer than I thought as I assumed the VDR connection is much easier to get stable.

1. I have a delay now for the standard buttons. Please let me know if it still shows the dead lock. I don't have WOL, so I cannot test it.
I implemented a dealy with 0,3s. If I increase it further then the animation is affected. I hope 0,3s fixes the deadlock already

2. I have changed a lot in the options screen, so I hoped to get it fixed. Now doing the screenshots I recognized an issue when the screen gets resized a lot which is similar to your screenshot. This may happen on a device when you switch a lot landscape-portrait. A restart fixes this. This is a qt bug, I will place a bug report to qt.

Marten, I will keep until you say it is correct now to switch.

Hello Ralph,

thanks for the report.

For the misdisplayed config page, please send me a screenshot (or just a photo). Then I can better understand what the issue is with the config page.

For the double input: I will implement a delay, so double input cannot be that easy anymore. None of the keys need fast input. Only channel, cursor and volume I keep this fast input. Will be implemented/fixed in next release.

The crash/hang needs to be fixed by Chris or Marten, but I don't think it is Raspberry Pi specific. This may hit all versions.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: Android Remote App Alpha Test
« on: April 13, 2014, 13:52:45 »
This closed Alpha testing in Google is much too complicated.
The current version is now free available on Google Play.

Just search for Vomp and have fun.

Any comments or wishes, please add here to the thread.

QtVomp / Re: qtvomp on suse 12.3
« on: March 20, 2014, 17:06:40 »
2 things:
1. Current Vomp version doesn't work (anymore) with the alpha you use. The stream format has changed
Better use the version from CVS on google code:

2. You should have a recent Phonon installed. If you use KDE you have it installed by default.

QtVomp / Re: qtvomp on suse 12.3
« on: March 18, 2014, 18:33:27 »
Hello Wolfgang,

which Qt version are you using and which QtVomp version?
The version on google works last time I compiled it with 4.3, but the current 5.x won't compile as Phonon is not longer part of Qt.
Maybe you can try to compile with Phonon from KDE, VLC is anyway the best backend to use.

I'm not working on QtVomp anymore. The reason I stopped developing is the unsure future of Phonon.
Last time I compile QtVomp it wasn't working anymore due to changes in the mediastream format from Vomp. I have an "ugly" patch to get SD signals working, but HD is not working with it.

VOMP General / MVP / Android Remote App Alpha Test
« on: January 30, 2014, 18:36:55 »

as now 3 of my 5 original MVP remotes stopped working, I got a bit afraid and wrote an Android remote app for my MVPs as a fall back solution.

If anybody would be interesting for an Alpha testing, please send me a PN so I can give access to the Alpha testing of Google Play. As far as I understood, that's the way Google normally does it.

I prefer Alpha testing here too as if I would just publish it then people would rate it bad, which wouldn't be needed for an Alpha status.
But if one would like to have the apk, I can send as well.

It is not looking sophisticated and the WAF would be a 2 (when 10 is best), but it does its job and that's all I need to make my children going nuts when the TV program is switching and I'm not even in the room ;D

It is LGPL/GPL and the source can be found on, anyway it is so basic that I don't need any license for it at the moment.

It works on my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, but not on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (known bug in Tab 3 graphics driver).
I didn't try it yet with Windows Vomp client or RaspPi Vomp client.

Any comments or wishes are very welcome.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: Any replacement for MediaMVP?
« on: August 07, 2012, 09:48:02 »
I assume you are talking about the Nano+
The way it doesn't require a computer to boot means it could be a problem to hack. I wonder if anyone at mvpmc has taken a look at it..
I have seen emvepee as a nick in the pivos forum, so I'm sure one from mvpmc is also there.
Anyway: You don't need to boot from a pc, it would be enough to be part of google play. This would be a very easy way to install packages. In doubt you can always install own packages. These boxes are all rooted.

MartenR: Do you think you will try another time an Android box as a Vomp client?
If yes maybe a "lightweight" XBMC would also make sense. For me XBMC is quite heavy from functionality and therefore also from complexity.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: Any replacement for MediaMVP?
« on: August 02, 2012, 07:23:51 »
After reading the XBMC on Android I bought myself a Sumvision Nano+ Slim and installed the currently available hardware accelerated XBMC from Pivos XIOS DS device.
-> It is pre alpha, so those who didn't hear yet, don't hold your breath.

For sure there is not yet any PVR functionality included, but it looks very promissing to me that it will work at the end.
- I was able to play VDR recordings from SD and HD channels!
- Also XBMC can play hardware accelerated from e.g. Mediathek which means you can also stream with the player used.
- I could set interlace on for the SD content (but I'm not yet 100% sure if it as any effect at the end).

When in XBMC the Android platform goes mainline AND the PVR plugin as well, then this is for me the perfect replacement for MVP and sadly Vomp. Maybe in a year?

Side information:
- Using the airmouse is very handy, usable for surfing, youtube, etc
- First thing for me to do was really installing Android 4.0. I had clipping errors with 2.3.4
- For sure I can control my box from my Android mobile with the XBMC remote (no PVR integration yet)
- The box get's quite warm but not hot. I assume ~40°C. You can set it to standby when unused
- When ordering from (Amazon) UK, get an adapter as well if you are not from UK ;)
- No guarantee, but Pivos XIOS DS and Sumvision Nano+ Slim really seem to be identical so far. XIOS DS has a remote that Sumvision don't provide.

- I'm unsure about WAF, as XBMC is much more complex.
- The VDR plugin to support XBMC PVR plugin is called XVDR, this is based on Vomp (it's stated in XVDR sources and you can see in the code and structure of XVDR the similarities, e.g. keepalive). I'm unsure if the also available VNSI plugin is still running.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: Any replacement for MediaMVP?
« on: June 06, 2012, 06:40:07 »
Decoding MPEG2 is the first, second will be to get deinterlacing done.

There is no possibility to do this with VOMP, not now and most propabely never in future.
No access via software to the hardware decoder, which we have for den MVP but not for the MVP HD. The HD has a completely different hardware architecture.

You may use the UPNP functionality, but AFAIK it is not maintained for VDR anymore.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: ffmpeg question
« on: March 19, 2012, 19:38:29 »
Just reading the help infos.
I think you are searching for the -aspect 16:9 option, not -s. -s leave as 720x576.

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