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VOMP General / MVP / Understanding the sources
« on: March 31, 2006, 13:18:26 »
Hello devs,

I'm trying to get into the sources, because maybe you will see later some code.

I tried to interpret as much as I can, but you will better know than I do how difficult this is without any hints.

May you just shortly sum up how the whole setup is, especially how the communication between vomp <-> vompserver <-> vdr is meant to be?
Which classes are the important ones?
For sure I don't need all classes described as at the end the sources will tell the rest.

As always this description should be placed into the respective README in the cvs.

Thanks in advance,


PS: To my person:
I'm located in Ottobrunn/Munich, Germany. I worked on KSpread, so I have some experience with C++. I stopped working on KSpread because of lack of time - when my boy was born. Now 3 years later and another 2 daughters we moved into a house and have a full network installed in every room. So a VOMP setup is perfectly fitting.

Now only the functionality and visual impression must be prove to fit the expectations of my wife. So I really intend to work on enhancing VOMP.

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