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qtvomp on suse 12.3

Started by wolfgang6444, March 17, 2014, 18:55:16

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I am trying to compile qtvomp-0.3.0-alpha-1 on suse 12.3.

I get the following error:
phonon/mediaobject.h: No such file

Any hints on what is missing?




Hello Wolfgang,

which Qt version are you using and which QtVomp version?
The version on google works last time I compiled it with 4.3, but the current 5.x won't compile as Phonon is not longer part of Qt.
Maybe you can try to compile with Phonon from KDE, VLC is anyway the best backend to use.

I'm not working on QtVomp anymore. The reason I stopped developing is the unsure future of Phonon.
Last time I compile QtVomp it wasn't working anymore due to changes in the mediastream format from Vomp. I have an "ugly" patch to get SD signals working, but HD is not working with it.



meanwhile I am one-step further:
I have installed libqt4. I am compiling qtvomp-0.3.0-alpha-1.

It does compile o.k.. When I t start it and try to display live-video, I get: a message about a missing MPEG-2 Transport Stream demuxer plugin.

I have no idea where to get that.

Thanks for any help



2 things:
1. Current Vomp version doesn't work (anymore) with the alpha you use. The stream format has changed
Better use the version from CVS on google code:

2. You should have a recent Phonon installed. If you use KDE you have it installed by default.