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I can't compile vompserver-0.2.6 (or cvs). There are calls to channel->Apids() in
mvpclient.c and channel->Alang() in mvpreceiver.c which I think are in vdr
version later than 1.2.6. I am still using vdr 1.2.6 because it is the version in
Debian stable which I use for my vdr host.

I just tried compiling vompserver-0.2.3 against my VDR 1.2.6 and it fails

mvpclient.c: In member function `int MVPClient::processMoveRecording(UCHAR*,
mvpclient.c:500: error: `::Recordings' undeclared (first use here)
make: *** [mvpclient.o] Error 1

Anyone had success with 1.2.6? vompserver-0.2.2 compiles fine.


On selecting a recording, a menu offers these options; Play, Resume, Summary and Delete with Play being the default option. I find that I mostly want to resume replay. I would like members to discuss what they feel should be the default action here and if a consensus for change is reached, request Chris consider making this change.

I have made the very simple change to to make resume the default action on my installation which has made my device work as I prefer.

I know this is trivial but suggest such things can be discussed and sorted quickly and it is best to establish a preferred operation early in development rather than change it later when a large user base has been established (This excellent work deserves a huge user base!)


VOMP General / MVP / Mounting network file system on MVP
« on: July 13, 2005, 22:03:10 »
Great work! I have been working toward doing this for a while and am glad you have started it. (Saves me a lot of work.) Looking good so far and with all (mostly) the same goals as I had.

It would be good if one could mount an NFS share on the MVP to assist with testing and developing but I couldn't do that with your latest dongle. I will try with another dongle when I get home but could you add this facility? I have not managed to get a working cross compiler yet which is why I still haven't produced ANY code for the MVP! When (if) I do, I'd like to be able to try a few things which would be easiest if the compiled object code could be run from NFS. I couldn't think of a way of transferring a file to the MVP.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to assisting where possible when I have a working development bed.


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