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Menu entry 5. MediaPlayer in vompclient?

Started by baba, August 10, 2013, 10:18:28

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first - a big big THANK YOU to Chris and Marten!

I use vomp for a long time with an Media MVP. On the MVP there is an Menu entry 5. MediaPlayer - maybe since release 3  - not sure.

I tested xmbc on the pi, but vompclient is much better. The only thing i missing is the media player function. I searched around the web but no one wrote about it - or i just can't find it.

Can anyone tell me how to enable Media Player on the PI please?

(Sorry for my english)



I deactivated the mediaplayer for the windows and raspberry pi platform.
The reason is that the architecture of the mediaplayer is very close to mediamvp hardware and it is not written in a very portable way,
so that it would be very hard to port it to other platforms. (Especially the jpeg code and the limitation to playonly mpeg video files)

For the raspberry pi, it would have meant to completely rewrite it, so that it would also support all possible hardware supported media files (which would require to write a lot of new demuxer code or to use libavcodec for this stuff) and to draw jpegs using abstract interfaces.
This task was simply to big to fit in my spare personal time, and since I never used the function,  I deactivated it.
If someone wants to use write it of course, new code can be contributed to vomp to add this function, however the task of supporting all new media files, the pi is capable of playing, would be bigger than the port to the raspi hardware. And of course clean portable code is important.