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CEC functionality depends on GPU firmware (start.elf)?

Started by noone, May 04, 2014, 09:01:16

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Thanks for your great work on the vomp port so far, I like it  8)

Recently I discovered a bug on various Panasonic plasma and led tv sets where some buttons on the remote are not working, mostly the bottom ones for playback control (play, pause and the bottom up down arrow keys).

I used the most recent raspbian (2014-01-07) with vomp 0.4.1 on five different raspberry pies. The bug won't happen if vompclient is already started when the tv is turned on, it only occures if the tv "sees" the raspberry booting up. And then the tv gets stuck in an odd state where only "rebooting" the tv restores all buttons.

Also I noticed that on an older image I built with vomp 0.4.0 the bug never occures. So I played around with some config.txt options like disable_splash etc. and found out that an older version of the GPU firmware did the trick.

66b579b5a14beae8015306ad454ef319 /boot/start.elf

Maybe somebody has a clue on this as I think you can't use older firmware on newer raspberry pies even though I haven't got a raspberry where the older start.elf didn't work.


It can only be that the firmware sets some mode in the tv that the cec implementation of libcec, we are using does not restore.
But I am more or less clueless, why this happens.



I finally found the problem! =)
A feature introduced in a later raspberry firmware than I used which turns on your tv seems to disable some buttons on the remote on my panasonic tv.

Using hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1 in /boot/config.txt fixes the problem completely, yesss!!


Hello noone,

do you have the same problem with client 0.5.0 and later with the TV starting again after powering off when the RPI is connected via HDMI / CEC?
I didnĀ“t have this problem since client 0.4.x, but when I introduced the newer ones I got it. No change between hand-made image or the actual client-image. I tried the hdmi-ignore-cec-init-paramter without any change.