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Server plugin: 0.5.1
MVP dongle: 0.5.2
Raspberry Pi client: 0.5.2
Windows client: 0.5.2-1

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No picture with Windows Client

Started by domaju, January 12, 2014, 15:34:23

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I am running the latest version of the Windows client (0.4.0-1) on my Windows 7, 64 bit. It starts well, connects to the server. I can access all channels and menus but I never managed to see live TV or a recording.

I also tried to download some decoders as I read that this has been an issue in the past.  In the video filter menu and the H264 filter menu I now find: ffdshow, LAV and Microsoft DTV-DVD  (see attached picture) - None of them is working for me.

I guess I missed something stupid?



You might just have no compatible Decoder. (I do not remember if the Microsoft DTV is working, on some OS it works on some it does not work, it depends on some License restrictions of Microsoft).
This can happen.
Can you please describe the symptoms, if you try to play back tv?
Is Audio playing back? If not, it might just be a missing Audio Decoder?

These standalone filters, might help:



.. with the standalone filters as suggested by you it works perfectly! Many thanks!!!


PS: I just ordered a Rasperry Pi for the next challenge.