Author Topic: Version 0.1.0 released  (Read 3757 times)

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Version 0.1.0 released
« on: December 17, 2005, 19:04:59 »
I cleaned up a few bugs with 0.0.17 and I have finally made a 0.1 release. There are now files on the SourceForge project site to show for all this work!

So, changes between 0.0.17 and 0.1.0:

German translation fixes
Fixed standby from main menu
Fixed a problem where the SCART active signal was not released on standby
If muted and volume controls are used, it unmutes
The highlight bar stays where it should when navigating the recordings lists now
Fixed a problem where the numbers in a recording list didn't update after deleting a recording
More code cleanup to do with messages being passed around the program

The server plugin has not changed.