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The "tiles" of teletext pages have 1 pixel gap in between

Started by JTe, October 09, 2012, 19:34:07

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I just noticed the character "tiles" of the teletext pages seem to have a 1 pixel (very thin anyway) gap in between each other. You can see the TV-picture through the grid that these gaps form. I guess each tile should be 1 pixel wider and higher (or closer to each other).


Yes I know about this. It is a floating point rounding error.
If this is annoying for you, can you please play around with the numbers ending in 95 in the following line:
vgTranslate(command.x+command.w*11.95f*1.4f,command.y+command.h*19.95f); in
If you find a good value I will change it in git.



Ok, I will play with that and check if I find values that will fix the problem.


Made some testing and the vertical bars almost totally disappear with 11.85f, the horizontals are trickier and I could not find close to perfect value, but 19.75f is giving better look. I guess I should still try if I find better value to replace the 19,75f.