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Vomp for Windows doesn't display international EPG data correctly

Started by MacGyver, January 05, 2010, 19:24:27

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I am very impressed by this application, since it is the only way to use VDR under Windows that I have discovered. However, I have one problem: the EPG data (in Cyrillic) is not displayed correctly - there are gibberish characters instead. xineliboutput, which I am using under linux, displays the EPG correctly, but vomp under Windows fails to display the (UTF-8?) characters.


Others may give you more information, but so far: Vomp uses an internally hard coded character set which is not UTF-8.
I'm sure there is no easy way to fix it.


UTF-8 and extended font support is in progress (see thread below from General forum). Getting close now, just trying to tidy up the code because the text drawing functions are a bit disorganised.