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Vomp for windows not working on US TV

Started by rdoac, June 26, 2009, 01:57:04

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I have just moved to the US from Italy.  Am trying to get vomp/vdr working with an ATSC card for the moment.  VDR now works with fairly good quality HD stuff and rubbish NTSC SD stuff (so fairly normal for the US.) However, I can't get vomp to display anything on any of my windows pc's.  I have an XBMC client which streams using streamdev without problems.  I have the menus, channel lists etc, but when I try to watch something the status indicates that it's streaming but nothing shows up.  Recordings I made whilst in Italy come through without problems so I don't think it's a codec issue.

Any ideas?  

I want to get it working as I have three hauppauge MVP's in shipping.


It can be one of the following:
1) I think, it has something to do with the point, that PAL resolution is more or less hardcoded in the windows part, on the mvp it might work. (But I am not sure about this point, coding was done a long time ago.
2) More probable: It is a codec problem with ac3 since us television uses this as standard audio format, so check, if your currently seleted audio codec is able to play back ac3 from europe recordings. The bad news is that ac3 is not supported by the mvps....

The real reason can only be determined in debugging, you may expect a solution at the end of this year for windows client.



Can you provide a short sample of such a recording to me, so that I can make playable at least for windows,



Hi Marten,

I got it working fairly well. Turned out I had two issues, ATSC uses only AC-3 audio and no regular audio, so them vompserver doesn't send it.  I got around it by using vdr-iptv and feeding the channel from streamdev, through ffmpeg to convert the audio to mp3 and back into vdr as another channel. That vomp can play and record.

The other was an issue with pvrinput for my analogue cable channels.  A patch to that enabled vomp to play them back.

I can send you an HD and SD ATSC stream if you want.  You can probably scp it off my server.