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Interest in a stand-alone Qt VOMP player with socket control

Started by posde, December 21, 2009, 23:00:19

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I wonder if it would be of interest for anyone else, to have a Qt based VOMP player, that is controllable via socket interface. I am working for LinuxMCE and the VDR integration atm is jumping through hoops to get some kind of client server architecture going.

VOMP already has it, and I wonder if anyone would be willing to invest some time in this, to get a Qt VOMP Player going that we can control via sockets or similiar means.

Best regards

Peer Oliver Schmidt


With recent developments in the vdr-streamdev plugin,  the XBMC pvr-testing2 branch is showing promise as a possible vdr client.

svn checkout

I can't comment on the detail of Vomp vs. Streamdev, but Vomp was designed from the start as a VDR thin client.



I don't know the most recent versions, but the older streamdev had the problem that it supported live TV only. The VOMP infrastructure already supports live TV plus recordings. The only thing, that VOMP does not do atm, iirc, is pausing live TV.


Hello posde,

I somehow don't really understand your point. QtVomp is already a stand alone player.
What kind of socket control are you interested in? The only thing missing (as you mentioned) is more or less stopping a recording (with which you could have the live pausing feature).

For sure it is completely different to a linuxmce or xbmc or whatever, as the vomp protocol is just a custom protocol, even the video data is encapsulated into a custom protocol.

I'm fine wiht helping here out.