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QtVomp - Vomp Client For Linux Alpha Release
« on: October 18, 2008, 12:29:48 »
Philipp Müller has created QtVomp, a Vomp client for Linux. He would like to annouce the following.

This is the alpha 1 release of a Linux desktop client for Vomp.

Only the source tar ball is provided, so you need to compile QtVomp by yourself.


  • Qt 4.4
  • Phonon-Xine-Backend out of KDE 4.1 (only runtime dependency)
  • VDR running Vompserver-plugin 0.3.0
  • Installation instructions are in the INSTALL file

Supported features:

  • Channel list with EPG entries
  • Playing live-TV
  • Playing recordings
  • Playing MP3 files

Usage of the client:

The structure is similar to the normal Vomp usage, so it should feel familiar. Beside of the normal behavior of Vomp and common mouse handling of lists, buttons, etc following is not so obvious:

  • Channel switching is done with Page Up/Down
  • Double click on the video area switches in between full screen mode and windowed mode
  • In full screen mode ESC returns to windowed mode
  • In full screen mode Alt-F4 is deactivated

Known limitations:

  • QtVomp cannot find the VDR server automatically, when run on a PC where an instance of VDR/Vomp is running. Use the command line argument -s <ip-address> then.
  • Recordings don't support any jump forward / backward in the file, This is a "bug" in Phonon in combination with the VDR recordings format
  • Some MP3 files don't play (Phonon issue)

Please report everything - success, failure, ideas to the forum for open discussion.

If a file doesn't play or no output in general, please test as follows:

  • Have a look into the README file, some exceptions are explained in detail
  • Does the file play with Dragonplayer? If not it is a Phonon issue.
  • Is the Phonon-Xine-Backend default (see KDE System Settings - Sound - <tab> Backend)?


Philipp Müller
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