Author Topic: Version 0.3.0 released  (Read 7213 times)

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Version 0.3.0 released
« on: July 19, 2008, 05:09:04 »
A long time to produce, but worth it: version 0.3.0!

New Stuff:

* Totally rewritten live tv support:
** Faster channel changes
** Faster EPG
** Now/next can show other channels (press left/right on new remotes)
** Much improved on-screen display
** Handles dead / encrypted channels much better
* Patches from Dave Pickles for VDR 1.6 support
* Server config option to disable mvprelay by Alex Pipelka
* Patch to advise server not to keep recording playback data in filesystem cache - MarkC


* German translations
* Joint stereo typo
* Configdir thread safety (mentioned in VDR logs)
* Fix from Philipp Müller for drawing long text lines
* Patch for supporting audioless channels from Alexander Pipelka
* Move recording could fail sometimes - fixed
* Internal bootp code now finds config file in the right place


* Config files now in [vdr-config]/plugins/vompserver
* Code cleaning patches from Alex Pipelka
* Totally rewritten internationalisation support from MarkC. Much easier to edit language files now
* Hx MVP software version number changed to hopefully force Hx MVPs to download the dongle more often

Windows Specific:

* Support for hardware deinterlacer
* Bugfixes increasing filter and Windows Vista compatibility
* And much work by Marten Richter to keep the windows code up to date alongside the linux stuff, Thanks Marten!

Many things have been forgotten off this list I am sure. Many thanks to all who contributed.

The next few versions hopefully won't take so long as they won't get bogged down in such major protocol rewrites.

Apologies for those wanting particular features in this version that aren't there, we both know who you are.


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Re: Version 0.3.0 released
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2008, 22:36:21 »
I forgot to mention (and strangely had no complaints about ???)... The l10n directory distributed in vdr-vompserver-0.3.0.tar.gz needs to be copied to [vdr-config]/plugins/vompserver. (Copy the l10n directory, not just the contents). Then the languages will show up again in the client.