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Version 0.2.6 released
« on: February 04, 2007, 23:40:52 »
Here is version 0.2.6, an even more experimental release than usual... :)

Visible changes:

* Support for wireless version of MVP (but only when wired...)
* Cutting marks support (thanks to macfly)
* Pressing OK on empty list crash fix
* Recordings sort order - you can now select the default sort order in the options. You can also change it temporarily when looking at the list by pressing the left or right arrow buttons on new remotes
* Translation text updates (thanks to all translators)
* In the windows client - mouse support and bug fixes

Non-visible changes (and the reason for the long release time)

* Major design change for live TV, TS demuxer moved to MVP, server plugin much simpler and cleaner. This will facilitate new features in future
* Cross compiler upgrade to crosstool-0.43 and gcc 3.4.5
* Kernel upgrade to 2.4.31 for the MVP dongle
* All new build scripts


* The standalone mvprelay program is not required for booting the H3 MVP
* Windows version known bug: Resets mute state and volume settings after channel change or navigation inside recordings (will be removed after version 0.2.7)

Things that didn't make it to 0.2.6 but are at the top of the list:

* Audio channel selection for live TV
* Wireless support for wireless MVPs
* ...and everything else...

p.s. The makedevenv script is now totally out of date and won't produce a working system. I will update it soon.
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