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Version 0.2.5 released
« on: November 26, 2006, 17:57:15 »
Yes, you see it correctly, version 0.2.5 is really released, it finally exists, yay, thank <insert relevant deity here> for that.

New Features:

  • Fast backward scan. Fast forward has also changed to suit, there are now 4x, 8x, 16x and 32x in both directions
  • Audio channel selection (currently works on recordings only). Press green while watching a recording
  • Some changes to the OSD when in chasing playback mode. You can see how much of the program is yet to be recorded
  • WSS (wide screen switching) - the non-SCART method (PAL only at the moment)
  • Vomp now listens on a UDP network port and can receive commands to virtually press remote buttons


  • Radio playback now works
  • More demuxer / timecode fixes to improve and correct OSD time clocks
  • Sub option screens now go back to the options menu
  • Language translation updates
  • Untested, but there is an update for compiling the plugin on 64 bit systems

News on Vomp For Windows:

  • With old statically linked code now replaced with alternatives, the GPL licencing issues are now resolved and we can go ahead with the release of Vomp For Windows. However, due to the new code we are still ironing out the last few issues. It will be available for download soon.

Real life, large changes to the code in several places, necessary demuxer changes, but mostly real life were to blame for the very long wait for this release. It should all speed up again now.

Of course there are many things that did not make it to the 0.2.5 release. Most notably (and these will be included in 0.2.6):

  • Support for H3 wireless MVPs
  • WSS for NTSC
  • Ability to delete timers

These things and possibly others will be in the next release. I also hope to go scanning through the forum and start applying patches that people have contributed (sorry to all who have written patches I haven't yet included).
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