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Version 0.2.0 released
« on: February 26, 2006, 21:10:35 »
VOMP has now hit version 0.2. This comes mostly because of the addition of the Bootp and TFTP servers which will hopefully reduce dependency on other systems to get vomp running and make it easier to setup a vomp installation. So, here goes with the list of changes:

New features:
Bootp server built in (for telling the MVP where its boot file is - and soon it will be able to allocate an IP from scratch)
Tftpd server built in (for transferring the dongle to the MVP)
Server names in discovery broadcasts - Servers now return their names to the MVP for the "Choose a VDR server" dialog
Timers list - you can now view the list of programme timers in VDR
View timer - this isn't really finished yet, but you can view more details about a specific timer
Set timer from EPG - you can insert a timer to VDR directly from the vomp EPG
New option in the client for different packet sizes on the network. This will hopefully make operation smoother on different network types

Bug fixes:
Font accent display problem fixed
>| goes to bottom of non-page-full list (rather than doing what it did before)
Zero length timers list bug fix (only noticable if you have been using CVS versions)
Zero length recording playback segfault fixed
Failure of UDP replier to start in plugin no longer causes 100% cpu usage and VDR crash
Hungarian language fixes

Thanks to all contributors, here's hoping this is a better and more bug free version than the last.