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QtVomp / dvb subtitles patch for qtvomp
October 12, 2009, 14:49:57
Attached patch adds subtitles support, tested with xine backend.
I think I'll try to generate pmt pid from available pids and send it in beginning of TS stream, I assume it will help phonon xine backend to find subtitle pids.


So I modified qtvomp to generate pat/pmt into beginning of stream. Now xine shows subtitles correctly.

But I think that TS stream vompserver sends should include PAT/PMT pid too to make it standard compliant. So that all players supporting TS playback can play the stream.
I think problem is that pid containing pmt is not broadcasted.

Should the vompserver be changed broadcast it automatically? Another possibility is to implement logic for subscribing relevant pids into client side. I tried to analyse the stream coming from vompserver with dvbsnoop and didn't find pmt.

How does mvp find subtitle pids, maybe same logic can be used to subscribe relevant pids from vompserver?

I implemented an ugly hack to qtvomp to use ts stream from streamdev server. With that I got subtitles working - but I think better solutions is to use vompserver.
Hi, played with qt vomp a bit and tried to get dvb subtitles visible with phonon. It seems that subtitle pid is not present or can not be detected by xine backend. However xine backend (with Kaffeine) detects subtitles from streamdev server TS stream. I inspected the sources and seems that there should be PMT scanner in vomp server for scanning correct pids to be streamed to vomp client. Do you agree?

I'm just wondering how the MVP client can show subtitles?

I'm new with subtitles implementation so and I can totally wrong, in that case could you give me some hints?