Author Topic: Version 0.5.1 released  (Read 2340 times)

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Version 0.5.1 released
« on: October 29, 2019, 19:49:14 »
New things:

  • It's now possible to mark as recording as new (deleting the resume data)
  • The recording information screen displays more details
  • When playing a recording, the "previous channel" button rewinds 2s (for interlacing resync (yes, this needs fixing properly))
  • IPv6 support (Raspberry Pi only)


  • Fixed a playback hang due to a threading deadlock
  • Fixed a hang starting playing a recording which has already been deleted on the server
  • Fixed the Raspberry Pi screen going black during pause
  • Fixed a bug moving a recording with special characters in the name
  • Fixed a bug with the advanced menu in options
  • Fixed the stop-time display in the timer information screen
  • Compile fixes for Stretch and Buster
  • Fixed libcec4 support
  • Saved some Raspberry Pi CPU usage in the on-screen-display code
  • Fixed a crash when using subtitles
  • Fixed a crash pressing up too much in the options screen


  • Server Makefile updated
  • Server sample config file updated


The minimum VDR version is still 1.7.35. The maximum known-working version is 2.4.1.

Raspberry Pi models 1, 2 and early 3s are known to work. Later Pi 3s did not work with the 0.5.0 image but I expect they will work with 0.5.1. I haven't got a late 3, if you have and it works please let me know.

Reportedly the Raspberry Pi 4 has no hardware MPEG2 support. I haven't got a Pi 4 so I can't test it. I expect very bad results trying to play MPEG2! It might still work to play MPEG4, I don't know. It is also possible the image won't work at all - reports welcome!

This is probably the last 0.5.x release. 0.6.x will drop support for Hauppauge MVPs and will require at minimum VDR 2.4.0.