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vompclient 0.5 features
« on: March 11, 2018, 19:59:35 »
Hi vomp developers,

I just noticed that there has been a new release of vomp for RPI. Thx a lot for that :D. I am with vomp since more than 10 years now and it is still the best vdr streaming solution out there.

I tried to find answers to various question about the release but it is rather silent around vomp nowadays. I checked vdr-wiki, vdr-portal and the git for information. It seems most people rely on Kodi, which in my opinion is not suitable for the performance of a RPI. I also checked the git logs and got some ideas, while I am unsure in some aspects. Perhaps the developers would like to give some information on the release:
  • Is lirc supported now? I was using the lircd creating uinput events, but this also caused the console to show a lot of strange characters. Direct usage of lirc would be the better solution imho. CEC is not working for me as my TV does not support the forwarding of remote control events.
  • Is it possible to compile on Raspbian Stretch? I saw some commits regarding stretch, but is it working ootb with updated CEC and FFMPEG versions?
  • Is the server plugin also working with vdr 2.3.x? Latest Ubuntu versions seem to ship now with 2.3.x. Any experiences?
  • Is it planned to provide some information at the vdrwiki, in the vdr portal or at least as a readme? The marketing of vomp is rather modest. Or are no new users wanted?
  • Is there a chance to get a Debian package being built? The debian tree is currently reflecting the version 0.4.2 as head. Perhaps this can be updated. Also, the system integration is based on init and not systemd. This is a little outdated for jessie and stretch. Are there somewhere updates around already?
  • Are contributions welcome? In which way? I did not see the possibility to add myself as a developer. At least at the packaging point or by writing a readme I should be able to contribute a little.
  • Is root really needed to run vompclient? I was running vompclient 0.4.1 always without root and never observed any trouble.

Thx for any further information provided.
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