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VOMPCLIENT on Cubietruck?

Started by Juhie, August 15, 2014, 19:37:20

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Hi Folks,

please apologize my awful English...
For about 4 or 6 years I operate a VDR Server with using a Mediamvp (Hauppauge) client in some rooms (living room, bed room ...).
Now I'v updated the server to VDR 2.x with HDTV-access (DVB-S2). The next step is to exchange the clients to HD capable ones.
RasPi is the first choice! It works very well as media client, but not as internet access point in our living room. So I'm thinking about a more powerful alternative.
Is the Cubietruck a practial recommandation?

Best regards



Vompclient has no support for cubietruck. Only raspberry pi and mediamvp are supported.
What isthe Problem with the raspi if it is the missing the low number of USB ports look for b+ model.



I bought a Cubietruck. I had the same idea - could vomp run on it... However, given that it is such a major PITA to get _anything at all_ working on a Cubietruck, getting vomp to run on it could be an entire lifetime's work.

Having said that, it probably has all the required bits and pieces. If someone would like a challenge ... !