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Fix for aspect ratio on composite video

Started by alex, January 03, 2015, 17:19:21

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Over the holidays I finally got around to look into an issue that occurs when you run the vompclient using the Pi's analog video output - the GPU stretches the video beyond the borders of the screen, distorting the video and cutting off content on the left and right edges. After some digging and comparing videoomx with the current Kodi code I found that Kodi disables the aspect correction via OMX. After adding code to disable the aspect correction to videoomx the display is correct (There is no need to correct the 16:9 aspect for a PAL output, as the widescreen signal should tell the TV to care of that). The fix has no effect on HDMI output as scaling doesn't occur there anyway. Note that due to the lack of test material I haven't tested 4:3 yet, but I think not scaling the signal at OMX level should be the right choice for most cases.

Patch is attached, Cheers,


The problem is that scaling the video beyond the borders of the screen is the correct behaviour. This is called overscan and always the case for television and is done on purpose.
Vomp does  put in values for aspect ratio correction manually to ensure the right aspect ratio. (I do not remember, if I got WSS to work on raspberry pi).
If you think the calculation is wrong, you should rather correct the calculation, than just turning the mechnism off.