Author Topic: Cannot build/link VOMPSERVER Plugin for VDR 2.x  (Read 4214 times)

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Cannot build/link VOMPSERVER Plugin for VDR 2.x
« on: May 05, 2014, 21:14:55 »

personally, I use VOMP for years and I am just about updating the VDR server to version 2.x

Using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server 64bit, but there seems not to be any PPAs available with pre-compiled vdr-plugin-vompserver - unfortunately...

Compiling and binding the sources of the plugin does not work-out. The Linker stops:

Code: [Select]
collect2: error: ld terminated with signal 6 [Canceled], core dumped
/usr/bin/ld: ld: wcsrtombs.c:99: __wcsrtombs: Zusicherung »data.__outbuf[-1] == '\0'« nicht erfüllt.
make: *** [] Error 1

I am not sure what the origin of this error is. For test purposes I compiled XVDR-plugin myself and this did work out perfectly...

I got the same ld error on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS no matter if I used Ubuntu-package VDR 2.03, or a PPA package with VDR 2.1.6 (yaVDR/unstable) or even some different VDR 2.1.1.

I appreciate any help and hints.