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Would it make sense to update to libcec api >= 2.0

Started by sirwio, January 22, 2013, 15:23:46

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Current sources does not compile with libcec version >= 2.0 since it introduces some incompatibilities with previous versions of the api.

The api breaking commit for vompclient can be viewed here:

The change is trivial to implement in and remotelinux.h

I suppose that most raspi users are using the prebuild deb packages provided on this forum e.g. version 1.8.1-1

If decided to switch to a later api version we should provide, or give links, to where prebuilt deb package can be downloaded.


I would update, if in raspbian a new libcec is available with native raspberry pi support.
As long as we have provide our own deb file for raspberry pi support in libcec, I would stick to the old version, the changelog in libcec does not suggest that are many new features in 2.0, which will improve vomp on raspberry pi.