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Dongle 0.0.17 posted
« on: December 13, 2005, 22:04:11 »
Ok, there are quite a few changes in this release, as I am swiftly heading towards 0.1 :)

Here goes, in no particular order:

Full screen EPG for live TV (by Brian Walton, thanks!)
Play button in recording list now does resume not play
Channel hopping with the banner displayed now works as expected
Fixed a crash when changing channel with new remote and live banner displayed
Channel numbers and clock displayed on live banner
New remote previous channel button implemented
Typing in a channel number to change channel does as expected now: It has a timer and you don't have to type leading zeros or all three digits
The play button already resyncs live TV one way, now the pause button attempts to resync live TV the other way. (Just try them if it's out of sync!)
Config files are now saved under the name of the MAC address of the MVP. If you don't manually rename your config file, you will lose your settings...
Read volume data from chip on startup - for developers really, the vompclient software will be in sync with the audio level of the last program run
Can override video format mode NTSC or PAL in config file. To do this you must manually add "Override Video Format" under the section "General". The value can be either "NTSC" or "PAL". Use with caution!! I believe most PAL equipment can handle NTSC signals but the other way around I am not so sure.

Plus many code changes under the surface. Timed events has allowed the channel selector to work properly and the two clocks to move, and should allow things like animations in future. All the GUI backend code rewrites over the last few versions are still rippling through the rest of the code making it faster/better/more sane.

This should be the last version before 0.1, I suppose you could call it a release candidate for 0.1.

Have fun!

P.S. I forgot to mention that you do need to update your server plugin for this release.
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