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Skipping followed by (vomp) volume change causes crash

Started by laz, January 02, 2013, 23:47:19

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If I skip forwards by a minute (multiple times needed?) and then change the volume immediately, vompclient crashes. This doesn't happen every time but it happens to me every few days. vompclient exits (somehow) rather than hanging somewhere. I _think_ it happens if the progress bar is still visible when I change the volume (I can't reproduce it now to check!).

I've been trying to track it down with either debug output or through gdb but cannot reproduce it under these conditions, although I did get an "invalid free" message at one point.

N.B., this is with a generic mce remote and with volume controlled by vompclient rather than by the TV. (I had hoped this remote would work well but lags like mad, whereas the TV remote using CEC reacts instantly to skipping, etc.! I'm not yet sure whether this is just a crap remote or the mceusb module lagging. Probably both!)

I suspect this could be a race condition somewhere that only causes the crash without the extra lag of debug output or gdb. It could be the OSD handling or perhaps changing the volume with an empty audio buffer?

I've also noticed that there is a 2 s delay between pressing mute (i.e. vompclient mute rather than TV mute) and the audio stopping or restarting.

This is with current git source.

Otherwise, all working well: this has been my main vdr frontend for a few months now. The only thing I really miss is the ability to mark and cut recordings but you can't have everything!



Can you please try to run it with ulimit -c unlimited and then provoke a crash?
Then "gdb-tui vompclient core" should give a hint where it crashes.



I had an idea, can you please test the current git. (I did not have time to test it),



Updated from git and I've had a good go at breaking it. I've not managed to yet! Hopefully that's sorted it. :)

As I said, not always reproducible, so we'll see with time. I've unlimited core size now so (hopefully!) I can get a bit more info if it happens again...