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EPG and UTF-8

Started by clausmuus, October 17, 2012, 08:10:05

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there is a problem with EPG data that contains UTF-8 characters. If it contains e.g. a German Umlaut, the EPG text will be cut at this character. Do you know about this, and is there a solution?
Must I set especial environment variables to fix this?

MLD - A Distribution also for the Raspberry PI


This problem is not limited to epg data, all string are cut of. E.g recording names.

I'm not 100% sure, but this problem is related to MLD. My own build vompclient seems to work fine with raspbian.


In osdvector the locale is set with
I use the probably debian specific locale "C.UTF8", which say c behaviour but UTF-8 since I do not know the language the user will support.
You probably have to add also something like "C.UTF8" to your dist in order that the string conversion routines are working properly.



Than you, this information helps. I have now add the c.utf-8 language configuration to the MLD and now it will shown correct.

MLD - A Distribution also for the Raspberry PI