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Translation Efforts

Started by Chris, November 12, 2005, 17:35:40

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I am creating this thread to keep all discussions on translation efforts in. Also, since SourceForge anonymous CVS updates are slow, I am posting the current language-data.h file here too. When a new language is added I will post the file here and when I need more translations of individual terms that can go in this thread too. If you add a translation to the file you can post it here (tested or not, but say which so someone can test it before someone else adds more to it.)

So attached is the current language-data.h file, it has English, German and Swedish so far.

Edit: Please always see the end of this thread for the latest language-data.h file. Don't download the early ones any more!


And what a busy thread this is! Perhaps it is just us English, Germans and Swedes then :)

So, I got the forums working again. Seems my provider's server suddenly had PHP register_globals turned on, which this forum software doesn't like. Anyway, I found a solution.

Back to the work then..
An EPG is on the way, along with yet more new back-end GUI code that allows things like moving clocks (finally!). So I could do with some words for the EPG. Can either the current translators or other people translate the following phrases please? I then add them into the next release, thanks.


Page up
Page down
-24 hours
+24 hours
Guide / Back: Close
Rec: Set timer
Sel channel
There are no programme details available for this period
No programme details


EPG in English is Electronic Programme Guide, is there an equivalent acronym?
"Guide / Back: Close" is referring to what the guide and back buttons will do when pressed. They will close the EPG.
"Rec: Set timer" - as in the record button will set a timer. (It won't yet, but I will put the translations in for when it will!)
"Sel channel" - As in the play button will select that channel

Thank you!


Suggestion for the German Translation:

Page up -> Seite hoch
Page down -> Seite runter
-24 hours -> -24 Stunden
+24 hours -> +24 Stunden
Guide / Back: Close -> EPG / Zurück: Schließen
Rec: Set timer -> Rec: Aufnahme programmieren
Sel channel -> Kanal auswählen
There are no programme details available for this period -> Es sind keine Programminformationen für diesen Zeitraum verfügbar.
No programme details -> Keine Programminformation.

Perhaps some translations are too long or not to the point. Feel free to post better ideas. :-)




I add Hungarian to the language file. I'm not have a crosscompiler environment, so I not tested the file myself. But I hope its good.  :)

...and suggestion for the next release:

Page up -> Visszalapozás
Page down -> Elörelapozás
-24 hours -> -24 óra
+24 hours -> +24 óra
Guide / Back: Close -> Guide / Back: Bezárás
Rec: Set timer -> Rec: Felvétel beállítása
Sel channel -> Csatornaválasztás
There are no programme details available for this period -> Nincs programinformáció ehhez az idöszakhoz.
No programme details -> Nincs programinformáció.



Thank you for Hungarian!

Here is a new language-data.h file with the new EPG texts merged in. Swedish EPG texts are still needed!


Hi Chris,

I just tested the new version and i can just say: WOW!!!

Some improvements for the german translation:

+ 24 Stunden -> + 24 Std.
- 24 Stunden -> - 24 Std.
Kanal auswählen -> Umschalten
Go: Preview -> Go: Vorschau
EPG / Zurück: Schließen -> Back: EPG schließen

Have you thought about localizing the date/time in EPG?
Perhaps you could also add the programme-times in that "info"-box (not EPG - that one I get now with ne green button).

As always: Thanks for your great work!!!




Thanks for those, I have put the new German into CVS.

I have added the EPG localisation issue as a bug on SF, and the programme times on the info box as a feature request.

Latest translations file attached.



Here's come an language-data.h with Swedish texts added.
I haven't had time to install 0.1.7/0.1 yet myself and I was a little bit unsure about what the "Go: Preview" means, but I think it's all correct.

(Btw, I had to edit in Wordpad on a Windows-machine so maybe there is some ^M in the file :-(



"Go: Preview" (The 'Go' button)  switches to the chosen channel and displays it
in the preview window within the EPG (resized picture).



My shot at Finnish translation. Not tested as I haven't had time to set up the development environment.


'' kml


Hello! bonjour !

Here's come an language-data.h with French texts added.

I hope it will be ok (not tested yet, not build my vomp server on ubuntu...).


A bientot.


Thanks for Finnish and French! I will include them in the next dongle.


Here is the latest language file. Jtk: Could you check the French please? My editor didn't like something about the file and didn't open it properly. I copied out what I could but there don't seem to be any accented characters anywhere.. Maybe they were lost. Other than that, Finnish and French are now added in.

Gerge: Could you (or anyone Hungarian!) translate "Go: Preview" to Hungarian please? Somehow it seems to be the only phrase to be missed out. (My fault somewhere I think).



Here is the revision of language-data.h.

...and thanks for the 'Timers' menu    ;D




here is my updated language-data.h with addet and improved german translations.
I am missing some Translation-Strings (esp. from the "Edit Timers"-page). :-)


P.S.: I took the newest cvs-version of the file.