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No picture of recordings nor live tv after switch to OpenVG OSD commit

Started by sirwio, October 07, 2012, 17:50:18

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There is only a black screen during playback or live tv. Playback and live tv worked before the following commit:

commit 419964cd6d85419684918774f4ddc420714f616a
Author: Marten Richter <>
Date:   Wed Oct 3 22:05:15 2012 +0200

    Switch to OpenVG based OSD, note Teletext and Subtitle rendering not working and little bugs in implementation

I have uploaded a short snippet (57mb) of a recording (Dallas) that can be downloaded from here:

The log file from the playback is attached.

Probably unrelated but perhaps an issue as well is that I do see messages like the one below on stderr. These messages does also appear prior to the commit 419964cd6d85419684918774f4ddc420714f616a so I don't think its the problem for me.

[mp3 @ 0x7e3ba0] incorrect frame size

- Magnus


Well I have downloaded it and except for the long startup time, probably due to the missing index file, it plays back fine.
I am now rebuilding my local copy in order see, if there is a problem in current git.
Anyway now I think, it might be a crash in the raspberry firmware, which happens from time to time, a reboot can fix this.



No problems also with a clean build.... Btw is it really a black picture and not blue or white? (I ask this,since the color indicate the drawing object.


Its a black picture - not blue or white. Did a reboot but it did not help. After a while the tv informs that the video mode is not supported (or a similiar message but in swedish).

Isn't it strange though that the build before the openvg osd commit shows video? Could it perhaps be video memory related.

Before fiddling with the memory settings I will make a clean build to see if that sorts things out.



on my system the described problem occur if I do not set the optimal hdmi_mode in the config.txt. After I set hdmi_mode=20 and hdmi_group=1 it runs good.

MLD - A Distribution also for the Raspberry PI


Once I disabled the overscan in /boot/config.txt (disable_overscan=1) I got picture but it flickered.

But the hint by clausmuus really did help. Read about his suggestion to change the hdmi_mode in another thread but it didn't occur to me that this was an raspi setting (I thought it was a setting on his television set).

I checked the supported modes on my tv with:

pi@raspberrypi ~ $ /opt/vc/bin/tvservice -m CEA
Group CEA has 1 modes:
  (native) mode 31: 1920x1080 @ 50Hz, progressive

and set the corresponding entries in /boot/config.txt:

With these changes the picture is now nice and stutter free.

Thanks everybody for your help.