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SOLVED: Client crash with SD-channel

Started by JTe, October 02, 2012, 18:27:07

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QuoteAnother question. How can I start a recording with the vompclient front-end or add a timer?
You just go to recordings menu and play the recording back. Select it, hit ok and then select play.

I think timers are added using the EPG, go in live tv to the epg using the blue button and select a show and record it with the record button. (But I never used it so far)



QuoteNow I will see, why the local VDR makes problems on some channels.
You should always check, if the problem is also in recordings of the channel (of course recording from the same vdr).
Then it is easier to find a reason for the problem.




ok, but how can I start a recording, if I have no record button, or better say, if a press of the record button only show the TV message "not supported"? Is there also a other way/key?

I have made the test recordings on the same machine. I used the VDR skincurses frontend to do this. The recording playback has no problems. The CPU usage is about 25%. The usage of the vompclient is 20%. VDR needs 5%. The load is 1.5. I have only problems with ARD, ZDF, NDR,... but not with Sat1, Pro7, RTL,... On Sat1, Pro7,... I have a little bit lower load.

MLD - A Distribution also for the Raspberry PI


There is always the option to remap one of the keys on the remote to act as the "Record" button. Done in the advanced menu.

My tv, a philips, also had an interesting option. One button on the remote is used to display status e.g. the current video mode etc. In addition to that it had the ability to show a virtual remote on screen with all possible remote commands drawn where one could choose the one of interest using the left/right navigation buttons. When OK is pressed the selected code is sent by the TV to connected hdmi-cec devices. (A bit hard to explain but I hope you get the idea).