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Dongle 0.0.16 posted
« on: November 10, 2005, 22:36:08 »
Ok, so I havn't done as much to this as I wanted, but I have to go away for work again, so here is it so far.


1. TCP receive buffer now hard coded to 2KB in the client. Hopefully this will fix streaming problems for 10Mb networks and it does smooth over things on 100Mb too.
2. Internationalisation support by Dave Pickles added.
3. Already (before I even told anyone I had included internationalisation support) I have had a German translation sent to me by André Jagusch. Thanks! And my apologies to all others who have been waiting to provide German translations. You have been pipped to the post, as they say! :)
4. The options screen now only applies changes if there have been any. This makes it faster and smoother.
5. Major under-the-bonnet GUI rewrite almost finished, the current GUI is even faster than before and now has the potential for much greater things. This is where I wanted to do more work, but time denies. (Self updating clocks are on the way, for instance! Woo!)

So, a note about languages. If you want to add your language to VOMP then download the client from CVS in the same way that you get the server plugin. Look for a file called language-data.h, follow the instructions in there.  It would be best if you could compile it and test it yourself, but I realise that very few people will have all the cross compiler environment set up. It would also be best if only one person edited the language-data.h file at a time, and then I don't end up with 3 different language-data.h files to merge, but I have no idea how we can coordinate that. Post to the forums if you want to add a language?

I have left version 15 on the web site just in case this one is not stable, though it seems to be ok in my testing.