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Dongle 0.0.15 posted
« on: October 29, 2005, 22:49:23 »
After a bit of a break in development due to a works trip, dongle 0.0.15 is now available.

You will need to update your vompserver plugin for this dongle.

Radio stations should now work.
Code cleanup work from Dave for the options screen has been applied, thanks Dave!



I have added a testing option to the options screen. You can set the priority value used in the plugin for live TV. I don't know exactly how this will interact with fully featured cards, if you don't have a problem with not being able to watch live TV on the mvp then leave this at 0 and it is safe.

If you do get channel unavailable on all channels with vomp (and this is nothing to do with the 10Mb issue!) then you can try setting this to a higher priority. I have tried this myself by successfully interrupting recordings with a lower priority. Now here's the very important bit... Interrupting a recording currently causes VDR to shut down because the recorder object in VDR gets no data, assumes everything is broken and shuts the whole thing down. If you set the priority value in vomp to higher than a recording and then change channel such that there could be no DVB card supplying signal to the recording, it will interrupt that recording and crash VDR. So be very careful when testing this option. What I need to know is what happens when there are no recordings going on and you successfully steal the DVB card from whatever VDR is doing. Does that crash vdr? Does it work for 30 seconds? Does it work at all? What priority value works?

I think I know how to fix the crash when interrupting a recording, it is just necessary to go through all the current recorder objects and stop the ones that will have no signal anymore. But I have left it as it is now because I get the feeling that fixing the vomp problem won't actually need any tinkering with stopping other recording objects. Doing that is probably not what is wanted. So, reports on how well it works, and what you want to happen to your recordings if you select live TV in vomp please!
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