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VOMP and PPTP - no connect
« on: September 28, 2008, 18:38:01 »
Maybe this problem is similar to that described here:

But its a bit different - seen from the network side.
I'am user of an vdsl-line (50000 KBIT down/10000 KBIT up !!) and so I realised access to my homenetwork via ipsec/pptp.  Ipsec does not work with vomp, ok , in that case I'am on the other side in a different subnet and maybe the same problem described above.

But if I dial in with pptp I will have an ip adress of my home network and it does also not work. I tried different configurations (pptp dial in via original XP and alternativly pptp dialin via pptp addon running on ipcop) but in both cases this result:

09:52:27.000859 [debug]  Command - processing message 25
09:52:27.000859 [debug]  Command - Sending message to boxstack
09:52:27.000875 [debug]  Command - processing message 25
09:52:27.000875 [debug]  Command - Sending message to boxstack
09:52:28.000484 [debug]  UDP - Wait for packet
09:52:28.000484 [notice] VDR - Broadcasting for server
09:52:29.000984 [debug]  UDP - Wait for packet
09:52:29.000984 [notice] VDR - Broadcasting for server

and so on in an infinite loop. Of course vompclient is running fine at home on the same machine.

Theoretically it should run fine with that kind of vdsl-line. I connected an eeepc to my homenetwork (via pptp) and was able to use vdr-streamdev-client without any problem (via internet !!), even channelswitching was relatively smart. Seems to be a problem with that broadcasting/connecting code inside the vompclient, but I can't imagine what it could be......

Schade, sehr schade ....


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