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Vomp Client 0.3.1-3

Started by sat-user, March 27, 2012, 12:57:15

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just finished compiling Vomp Client 0.3.1-3 with patches from

Some problems I found:
select timers menu and client is crashing maybe because I've a patched timer menu on the server or because I use VDR 1.7.21
On de guide (epg-page) the mini TV picture isn't at the right place

Included the Multi Threaded Debug and the Multi Threaded Debug DLL version.

One thing I can't find is how to start full screen because pc is used for TV/ Recording watching mostly, anyone?

Big thanx to the creators of this software, author of the compile howto, patch creators etc etc.



Fullscreen: Alt+Enter



Client has no keyboard or mouse. So no startup switch excists?

Too bad I don't have a lott of programming skills else I could programm an extra option in the misc menu for starting up full screen :(

Also the timers menu needs attention, the program crashes after reading the timers from vdr. Error is strftime commands fails.
Any hints on that one?


Hi sat-user,

use this exe to start winvomp. Just put it in the folder where the vompclient.exe is.

ALT+F4 to exit winvomp

Kind regards
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