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Version 0.2.7 released
« on: November 07, 2007, 21:25:19 »
A long time in coming, here is 0.2.7:

New Features

  • Media player ! Supporting MP3 and JPG files
  • For fast forward scanning, a slight jump back now occurs when the user presses play
  • It is now possible to key a channel number in on the channel list page
  • Current time indicator on EPG behaviour changed
  • New options screens to allow for more, and better organised options
  • Delete VDR timers now possible
  • Programme summary during recording playback
  • WOL support to wake up VDR server
  • Variable width channel numbers supported
  • Audio channel selection on Live TV
  • Crash restarter - _some_ crashes are the code's fault - vomp will restart
  • User configurable / assignable remote control buttons (omitted from first announcement! Oops, sorry Marten!)

Under The Hood:

  • New GUI code. An overhaul of the design. Facilitates the new options screens, and maybe more in future
  • Code updates for VDR 1.5 compilation support and GCC 4.2
  • ticonfig included from MVPMC - a component for wireless MVPs


  • A crash exiting recording while bar being displayed
  • Radio EPG now shows radio channels
  • Setting a timer just after midnight for a program starting around midnight bug fixed
  • Fix for bootp serving IP when it shouldn't

Windows Client:

  • ac3 sound support
  • Code updates to make media player work on Windows

The Windows version is now available, thanks to Marten.


Thanks goes to all in the credits file (in the source code), but specifically for this release: Andreas Vogel for the media player component, Marten Richter for making it work in Windows, Matthias Haas for WOL support and everybody else I have missed or am forgetting for the many bug reports and patches.
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