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Recording Playback Problem

Started by ulbr2000, February 20, 2007, 17:04:45

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When updating from ver 0.2.4 to ver 0.2.6 I experienced problems  playing some VDR-recordings.
I also checked with ver 0.2.5, the version showed the same problems.

Playback does not start up, screen stays black.
Up to now I did not see any reason why some recordings play and some do not.
All problematic recordings play fine with ver 0.2.4.

Anyone having some ideas how to find a reason for this behaviour?



Hi Ulrich,

Sorry for not replying sooner... if you're still having problems, I'll need to have a look at one of the recordings to see what's wrong. If you could put the first few megabytes of the 001.vdr file somewhere for me to download (10 MB will be plenty) along with the index.vdr, I'll take a look. If you don't have anywhere on the Web to upload it then I'll open an ftp connection for you to use.

What version of VDR are these recordings made with?


Hi Mark,

sure, I can give some example of such a recording but I do not have a possibility to put it somewhere on the web.
If you could provide an FTP conection please send a short mail:
ulbr2000 at myrealbox dot com

recordings were made with VDR 1.4.1 patch 1



Thanks for the info. I have sent you an email.

(Hmm, I received a delivery failure on Saturday morning. I've re-sent the message...)


I keep getting bounce messages when sending mail to you, and I can't connect directly to the mail server either  ???

I'll send you a PM on here instead -- or I would, but that's not working either  ??? ??? ???

If I still can't get a message to you by the end of today I'll just create a throw-away account and post the password on here  :-\


Hi Marc,

its me, Ulrich again

sorry sorry but if I tell the story I'll bet you won't stop laughing ??? ??? ???

The e-mail account is down due to hardware problems, the same account I need to get a mail through to re-activate the "ulbr2000" account on this board after changing the email address, guess which one.....
So I was stuck :-X

Ok back to the problem:

It's working now after I put some effort into the issue on the weekend
- deleting everything related to vomp on the VDR-machine
- re-compiling vomp 0.2.6
- re-installing the image to the client

now I am a happy user  ;D of vomp 0.2.6 and I am a little bit embarrased because of the confusion I possibly created

thanks for trying to help



 :D Actually Chris told me on Sunday about your account not being activated, so we'd already guessed that part of the story!

I'm glad it's all working for you now. Enjoy  :)