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Server plugin: 0.5.1
MVP dongle: 0.5.2
Raspberry Pi client: 0.5.2
Windows client: 0.5.2-1

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Dongle 0.0.8 posted

Started by Chris, August 20, 2005, 20:38:44

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In this dongle:

The volume control has been altered - it is half as sensitive now. Before it did most of the work on the top few bars.
More data is now scanned for different audio channels in a stream - it was possible for it to choose the wrong audio track sometimes.
Select lists now have columns, this fixes directory names to be in-line with recording names in the recordings list.
Select lists can now have an unlimited number of entries allowing more than 500 recordings/channels to work.
One demuxer bug fix, fixing audio and video corruptions on some channels.