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My Windows Client TODO List
« on: January 05, 2007, 11:47:04 »
I want to outline in this topic, my todo list for the windows client, so that you can see in which direction the journey goes. (Excluded are of course changes to the common code, only changes to the windows specifics).

Direct Show tasks
As you might have already noticed, Vomp for windows is really slow, if you navigate inside a recording, if you do a fast forward etc. . This is because Vomp for Windows destroys and recreates all direct show filters at each state change.
I did this, because little errors in my implementation and compatibility issues will be catched up by recreating the objects, so it was for me a safe way to get not to many bug reports, while vomp for windows is in the wild for (alpha, beta) testing.
Of course this should be changed, but I will remove the recreation now stepwise, for each version that is published one recreation will be removed:
  • First (version>=0.2.9) the recreation on fast forward will be removed.
  • Second (version >=0.2.8 ) the recreation for navigation inside a recording something (like restart at) will be removed
  • Third (version >=0.2.9)  you will be able to select your audio and video filter from a list

  • Settings for the VMR9, like deinterlacing,brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation.
  • Filtering setting, like nearest neighbor, linear or better
  • Overscan, Aspect ratio correction for non 16:9 and 4:3 displays
  • Adjusting audio output, SPDIF etc.
  • Remember window settings, like fullscreen or always on top.
  • Make some keyboard commands customizable (may affect mediamvp as well)(>0.2.7

  • Add a palette to simulate remote control button with mouse interaction ?
  • Add a icon ?

So that is it, features that will appear in 0.2.6 are excluded. However this list is subject to change without notice, as all guesses into the future.

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