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Version 0.2.3 released
« on: May 24, 2006, 23:08:03 »
Version 0.2.3 is now released.

But don't get too excited, this is a release because if I left it any longer I would forget how to do it... There are good points and bad points about this release, but since 0.2.2 was getting so long in the tooth I decided to move things along a bit with 0.2.3. So here goes...

Bug Fixes:

  • The aspect ratio of video playback is now only changed after 3 consecutive identical signals in the stream, this avoids dodgy aspect ratio changes
  • In recording playback a key sequence caused wrong results or lost audio, I forget which. It's fixed now anyway
  • Vomp will now refuse to delete a recording that is still in progress
  • EPG duplicate data rows bug fixed

But best of all ...........

  • Audio / Video syncronisation is fixed!
  • Live TV prebuffering now works

New features or changes:

  • Vomp will now report failure to delete a recording and not remove it from the client GUI
  • The server plugin should now trigger a recordings list update for the main VDR after a delete (I think this works?)
  • TFTP default dongle file name changed to help deb packaging
  • The server plugin now accepts the -c switch to modify the config path (like some plugins do)
  • Client now supports multiple directory hierarchy levels for recordings
  • It is possible to move recordings around the directory hierarchy (beta feature, careful with this! success/failure reports welcome)
  • Many many code changes for portability

And now for the things that should be finished but aren't:

  • Odd behaviour with PTS timecode jumps (timecode holes in recordings. jump keys start behaving very oddly)
  • Radio playback navigation still broken
  • Widescreen switching by WSS signal

So, the good points really are that a/v sync is fixed, prebuffering works, the multi directory levels for recordings, and moving recordings. The bad points are that radio navigation still doesn't work and PTS timecode holes still cause problems. Sorry to people waiting for these things to be fixed, they will be for 0.2.4.

One reason for why it has taken so long for 0.2.3 to materialise is that there has been massive code changes going on that don't result in any immediate visible changes, the code has been upgraded to support the Windows version of the client, which is nearing release so I hear... :)