Author Topic: Version 0.2.2 released  (Read 4304 times)

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Version 0.2.2 released
« on: March 12, 2006, 22:43:32 »
Bug fixes:

A couple of segfaults to do with backing out of  a recording playback by pressing ctrl-c on the console have been fixed. These would probably only show up to a developer but it was just possible one of them could occur when pressing back on the remote.
Fixed VDR crash when VDR cannot provide summary for recording (using 1.3 recordings with VDR 1.2, or perhaps even an empty summary file).
Fixed crash when tuning to off-air or non existant channels. You will still have to wait for the 20s timeout, but it shouldn't die anymore.

New features:

Mark has provided me with some new demuxer functions, leading to:
OSDs on recordings with times and progress bar... (alpha blended...)
Skipping by +/- 10s and +/- 60s are now exact, rather than the guesswork it did before.
And finally, client side connection loss detection.