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VOMP General / MVP / Re: need a new vomp-dongle-0.4.0
« on: March 03, 2013, 01:04:48 »
Well as for building crosstool under the root user, it doesn't work and you shouldn't be doing that :)

For the kernel I have no idea, I don't recognise those errors. But if your crosstool failed you can't surely be compiling anything else??

What is your shell?

Are you definitely running lenny? Sure it used to work on lenny and I don't know why it wouldn't now, but still...

VOMP General / MVP / Re: need a new vomp-dongle-0.4.0
« on: March 02, 2013, 20:22:18 »
Hi, go to your vompserver plugin source directory and run this:

Code: [Select]

You need to see

Code: [Select]
vompclientrrproc.c:ULONG VompClientRRProc::VOMP_PROTOCOL_VERSION = 0x00000301;
Did you get the plugin by tar.gz or by git in the first place?

VOMP General / MVP / Re: need a new vomp-dongle-0.4.0
« on: March 02, 2013, 20:14:22 »
Did you recompile the plugin? That message indicates the server is still on 0.4.0.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: need a new vomp-dongle-0.4.0
« on: March 02, 2013, 16:18:31 »
Hi, for the shutdown patch could you do the following to your vompserver plugin source:

Code: [Select]
git fetch
git checkout fd3282b02ddf35e5a33cd0df9c84135b7d98798a

Make plugins as usual. Then try this dongle with it:

My VDR refuses to shutdown but it knows the VDR power button has been pressed. Does it work for you?

VOMP for Raspberry Pi / Re: sweet RPi port!
« on: February 26, 2013, 12:10:45 »

I don't know about binary versions, and I also don't know how you would do this with yaVDR. On a standard clean VDR you would extract the server plugin to vdr/PLUGINS/src/vompserver (make sure it's just "vompserver") then cd to vdr. then "make plugins". Good luck..

Announcements / Version 0.4.0 released
« on: February 23, 2013, 21:54:46 »
Finally, version 0.4.0, and a solution for HDTV: the Raspberry Pi.

The major change for this version is Raspberry Pi support. Marten Richter has ported vomp to the pi and it's really good. Thanks Marten!

A very incomplete list of other minor changes not including all the things I can't remember:

  • Radio channel switching and teletext bug fixed
  • Network logging
  • Full duplex patch
  • Server UTF-8 support
  • New recordings are shown with an asterisk in the recordings list

Thanks go to Marten and all the people who are testing and helping and providing patches. Apologies go to the people who have provided fixes which have gone into this release which I have forgotten. Please email me and I will update this list of changes.

Thanks to the Raspberry Pi folks for making the MVP successor, just in time.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: parental lock support for vompserver
« on: February 23, 2013, 19:58:21 »
Nothing more can go in 0.4.0, but I'll look at it for the next release. Which won't be as long in coming as this one.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: slight Makefile woe in 0.4.0rc vompserver
« on: February 23, 2013, 19:56:13 »
Thanks for reporting, it's fixed now.

Ahah, I think it was the switch to git for the makedevenv scripts which broke it. Git probably ignores empty directories. It's fixed now. Thanks for reporting!

VOMP General / MVP / Re: vompserver 0-4-0rc client compatibility
« on: January 22, 2013, 21:08:28 »
Yes it is different, you can't use a 0.3.1 client with 0.4.0rc server. You would need to match the versions. The release is soon, I'm just fixing a few bugs..

VOMP for Raspberry Pi / Re: Mark watched recordings as watched
« on: January 13, 2013, 21:01:55 »
Actually all the raspi work has been merged into the standard vompclient.git repository. The very latest bleeding edge with raspi and this new/old recordings mark is in the 0.4.0rc branch of the vompclient repo if you want to test it.

git clone -b 0-4-0rc

git clone -b 0-4-0rc

VOMP General / MVP / Re: Feature Request for vompserver-0.4
« on: January 13, 2013, 18:33:15 »
Just to close this thread... this is now done. Details in other thread..

VOMP for Raspberry Pi / Re: Mark watched recordings as watched
« on: January 13, 2013, 18:20:31 »
This feature is now implemented on the 0-4-0rc branch of the git repo. It changes the client server protocol so if you try it you will need to match server and client versions.

VOMP for Raspberry Pi / Re: support for local server
« on: January 07, 2013, 23:05:00 »

To answer a question much earlier in the thread, the upcoming release of version 0.4.0 will support locating a VDR/VOMP server on the same IP as the client.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: Compile Dongle fails
« on: December 09, 2012, 15:53:05 »
So make is complaining that implicit and normal rules are mixed, presumably conflicting. From where I am right now I can't do anything about that. What has probably happened is that you're using a newer version of Make which is stricter, or has changed default rules. If you want to take on the challenge you need to debug that makefile and patch it .... Not the easiest job.

What O/S are you trying this on?

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