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VOMP General / MVP / Forum & vomp 0.2.5 news
« on: October 17, 2006, 01:24:27 »
Ok, I'm getting back into vomp properly after a very different summer. As for the forum over the last couple of days, well... My hosting provider informed me they were going to swap servers (with no downtime, ho ho), and then proceeded to delete all the DNS records. So, having got that sorted I found out that the directory structure on the new server is different to the old - and SMF doesn't react well to that at all. So, I think it should be ok now after a bit of database tweeking, but if you see any errors let me know.

I/we are working on version 0.2.5 which will have any bugs we have fixed since 0.2.4 and there are quite a few I believe. (A new) fast forward and fast backward are done (pending some minor mods). PAL WSS wide screen switching is done (finally I get to have auto wide switching too). The MVP now listens on a UDP port and can take remote-button-presses by simple packets (email/forum me if you are interested and I will provide specs). There are also some hefty general code changes in the way the thing works, including a way to get more information about recordings than it got before, meaning minor improvements in chasing playback, summary information, audio channel selection, etc. Some of these have been worked on, some are still waiting to have the new information used properly. The big thing left to do before 0.2.5 is radio support which has been broken for far too long.

Anyone that thinks I should have replied to their thread on here and is still waiting for a response, yes, sorry I will get to it soon.

VOMP General / MVP / New screenshots
« on: June 25, 2006, 16:14:11 »
For anyone interested, the screenshots page is now updated to include:

  • new welcome screen
  • timers list
  • set timer from EPG
  • recording playback OSD

Announcements / Version 0.2.4 released
« on: June 16, 2006, 01:05:47 »
Bug fixes:
Bad navigation using skip buttons on recordings with PTS jumps fixed (skip buttons not behaving as they should)
Recording playback progress bar drawing the bar over the end fixed
Compilation bug for VDR 1.2.6 fixed
Compilation bug for server plugin on 64bit platform fixed
Client freezing when no stream is available fixed

Vomp For Windows / Windows Client For VOMP
« on: June 14, 2006, 00:21:05 »
As you may already know, Marten has been working on a Windows port of the vomp client. It is nearly finished but we have hit licencing problems. The binary executable cannot be released under the GNU GPL as everything else is, because part of DirectX (which is a non-GPL component) is statically compiled and linked in to the executable. However, as I understand the legal situation (and please debate this because nobody is 100% clear on this..), the copyright holders for vomp have the legal right to use their code that they have written for vomp in a different closed source proprietary project. Currently I believe this is how vomp for windows could be distributed - it will have a difference non-free licence. If anyone has had similar problems before, or knows or solutions, please do tell.

Anyway, the point is that technically I need the permission of all the copyright holders for vomp to use their code in vomp for windows. Looking at the CREDITS file (which may be missing people, if you have contributed anything and are not in the CREDITS file let me know) - I need the permission of the following people:

Mark Calderbank
Dave Pickles
Brian Walton
André Jagusch
Lars Fredriksson
Pák Gergely
Kimmo Lahdensivu
Marten Richter

Please email me your permission, and optionally post it here as well.

There are still things left to resolve even if all these copyright holders give permission.

Announcements / Version 0.2.3 released
« on: May 24, 2006, 23:08:03 »
Version 0.2.3 is now released.

But don't get too excited, this is a release because if I left it any longer I would forget how to do it... There are good points and bad points about this release, but since 0.2.2 was getting so long in the tooth I decided to move things along a bit with 0.2.3. So here goes...

Bug Fixes:

  • The aspect ratio of video playback is now only changed after 3 consecutive identical signals in the stream, this avoids dodgy aspect ratio changes
  • In recording playback a key sequence caused wrong results or lost audio, I forget which. It's fixed now anyway
  • Vomp will now refuse to delete a recording that is still in progress
  • EPG duplicate data rows bug fixed

But best of all ...........

  • Audio / Video syncronisation is fixed!
  • Live TV prebuffering now works

New features or changes:

  • Vomp will now report failure to delete a recording and not remove it from the client GUI
  • The server plugin should now trigger a recordings list update for the main VDR after a delete (I think this works?)
  • TFTP default dongle file name changed to help deb packaging
  • The server plugin now accepts the -c switch to modify the config path (like some plugins do)
  • Client now supports multiple directory hierarchy levels for recordings
  • It is possible to move recordings around the directory hierarchy (beta feature, careful with this! success/failure reports welcome)
  • Many many code changes for portability

And now for the things that should be finished but aren't:

  • Odd behaviour with PTS timecode jumps (timecode holes in recordings. jump keys start behaving very oddly)
  • Radio playback navigation still broken
  • Widescreen switching by WSS signal

So, the good points really are that a/v sync is fixed, prebuffering works, the multi directory levels for recordings, and moving recordings. The bad points are that radio navigation still doesn't work and PTS timecode holes still cause problems. Sorry to people waiting for these things to be fixed, they will be for 0.2.4.

One reason for why it has taken so long for 0.2.3 to materialise is that there has been massive code changes going on that don't result in any immediate visible changes, the code has been upgraded to support the Windows version of the client, which is nearing release so I hear... :)

VOMP General / MVP / VDR Question
« on: May 15, 2006, 18:50:54 »
In real VDR, is it possible to move a recording from one directory to another using VDR and the remote? i.e. not doing it yourself on a command line or something.

VOMP General / MVP / Does widescreen switching work?
« on: April 06, 2006, 15:28:15 »
I just bought a widescreen TV, only to find that vomp doesn't seem able to tell the TV to switch aspect ratio... Anyone else with wide screen switching problems?

Announcements / Development Environment Set Up Script Posted
« on: March 24, 2006, 19:33:05 »
I have had a go at creating a script to do most of the work involved in creating a development environment. It should set up a directory structure and download and compile all the tools required to either use vomp over a NFS root or build dongles. The only things the script doesn't do are: Set up your DHCP/TFTP/NFS for NFS root development, and the final dongle build creation (since you need a Hauppauge dongle to do it).

Make sure you execute this script in an empty directory!!!

As long as you have C/C++ development tools, wget and bzip2 installed this script should work. I have tested it on Debian Woody and Sarge, Ubuntu Breezy and Fedora Core 5.

Please post success and failure stories to the forum so I can improve the script.

Announcements / Version 0.2.2 released
« on: March 12, 2006, 22:43:32 »
Bug fixes:

A couple of segfaults to do with backing out of  a recording playback by pressing ctrl-c on the console have been fixed. These would probably only show up to a developer but it was just possible one of them could occur when pressing back on the remote.
Fixed VDR crash when VDR cannot provide summary for recording (using 1.3 recordings with VDR 1.2, or perhaps even an empty summary file).
Fixed crash when tuning to off-air or non existant channels. You will still have to wait for the 20s timeout, but it shouldn't die anymore.

New features:

Mark has provided me with some new demuxer functions, leading to:
OSDs on recordings with times and progress bar... (alpha blended...)
Skipping by +/- 10s and +/- 60s are now exact, rather than the guesswork it did before.
And finally, client side connection loss detection.

Announcements / Version 0.2.1 released
« on: March 01, 2006, 23:21:31 »
This is a minor update mainly to fix compatibility with VDR 1.3.44. The files are under the "latest" section on the vomp web page:

Bug fixes:

Removed references to summaries on timers to fix compatibility with VDR 1.3.44
Fixed selecting the TCP window size in the client (I swear this worked when I originally tested it  ???)
Increased the timeout in the server plugin for acquiring live TV data from VDR

Announcements / Version 0.2.0 released
« on: February 26, 2006, 21:10:35 »
VOMP has now hit version 0.2. This comes mostly because of the addition of the Bootp and TFTP servers which will hopefully reduce dependency on other systems to get vomp running and make it easier to setup a vomp installation. So, here goes with the list of changes:

New features:
Bootp server built in (for telling the MVP where its boot file is - and soon it will be able to allocate an IP from scratch)
Tftpd server built in (for transferring the dongle to the MVP)
Server names in discovery broadcasts - Servers now return their names to the MVP for the "Choose a VDR server" dialog
Timers list - you can now view the list of programme timers in VDR
View timer - this isn't really finished yet, but you can view more details about a specific timer
Set timer from EPG - you can insert a timer to VDR directly from the vomp EPG
New option in the client for different packet sizes on the network. This will hopefully make operation smoother on different network types

Bug fixes:
Font accent display problem fixed
>| goes to bottom of non-page-full list (rather than doing what it did before)
Zero length timers list bug fix (only noticable if you have been using CVS versions)
Zero length recording playback segfault fixed
Failure of UDP replier to start in plugin no longer causes 100% cpu usage and VDR crash
Hungarian language fixes

Thanks to all contributors, here's hoping this is a better and more bug free version than the last.

VOMP General / MVP / Issues for next release
« on: February 21, 2006, 22:51:59 »
It's been a while since the last release, it's been a while since I could remember what I am supposed to be doing / would like to do for the next one. If you have posted here or emailed me about something you want doing to VOMP could you please make sure it is in the SourceForge bugs / request for features system - I try to use that as my definitive list of stuff-to-do. Thanks!

And to keep you updated, stuff that is already done for the next release:
BOOTP/TFTP support built in
Server names rather than IPs in "choose a VDR server" if you have multiple
A font problem with displaying accents is fixed
Timers list and view timer

Stuff I want to include:
Set timer from EPG
A choice of large or small network packets (make it work on lans and wlans ?)
Some other things I have forgotten (see above!)

Then for the release after that:
OSDs on recordings thanks to recent works with MPEG timecodes
Maybe include a TS demuxer in the client to speed up live tv and simplify the vdr plugin

VOMP General / MVP / Dongle creation guide
« on: January 24, 2006, 00:38:51 »
I have added a guide to the web site about how to make dongles (finally). It is totally untested at the moment, would somebody volunteer to test it? I will fix whatever I can and add bits to it until the guide works.

You can find it under the link to make a normal development environment on the vomp page.

VOMP General / MVP / Ok, I give up
« on: January 20, 2006, 17:36:27 »
Ok, I give up. I now use VDR 1.3 :) VDR 1.3.39, vdradmin 0.97-am3.4.2 + patch for VDR 1.3.38+ to be exact. I had to change it since I got another tuner card and 1.2 crashed all the time. (Anyone seen a reason for this in the vdr history file?)

So unless VDR 1.3 crashes on me, 1.2 is no more. (I'll still support it in vomp for now).

VOMP General / MVP / Drop support for VDR 1.2 ??
« on: January 05, 2006, 19:43:38 »
Does anyone other than me still use VDR 1.2 and if so, why?

My reason is that I tried VDR 1.3 a couple of times and it wasn't too successful and I haven't done anything about it since. I don't use the VDR frontend so there is no impetus to change.

Ayes and nays for dropping support for VDR 1.2 ?

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