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Server plugin: 0.5.1
MVP dongle: 0.5.2
Raspberry Pi client: 0.5.2
Windows client: 0.5.2-1

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after I crashed with my little efforts to get into work the last version of the vomplient (0.5.2) on a rasp4B I wanted to know whether or not a port to the new hardware is planned.  I noticed that compiling the git version of the vompclient is possible using the last buster OS-version -  in the moment called Raspberry Pi OS Lite (Legacy). However the executable is crashing when the video module is initiated during CEC commmunication with the TV. So the GPU interface seems to be the problem.

See also the 2 debug files as output via

> vomplient -n -d

from a running raspi1B and a raspi4B.

Any answers are welcome!

VOMP General / MVP / VOMP 0.3.1 - Boot Problem
July 26, 2009, 18:20:47

I tried to install the new VOMP version 0.3.1 and failed. It seems to be a TFTP-client problem in the new version, which I did not observe in version 0.3.0. The latter is running without any problems.

In the log-file at the following message the boot process stops:

18:23:25.340429 [debug]  BOOTPD - Got request
18:23:25.340530 [debug]  Config - Opened config file: /etc/vdr/plugins/vompserver/vomp-00-0D-FE-00-79-6C.conf
18:23:25.340545 [debug]  BOOTPD - Opened config file: /etc/vdr/plugins/vompserver/vomp-00-0D-FE-00-79-6C.conf
18:23:25.340604 [debug]  BOOTPD - Found IP for MVP
18:23:25.340646 [debug]  BOOTPD - Will enforce IP on MVP even if it already has another
18:23:25.340661 [debug]  BOOTPD - Giving MVP IP from config
18:23:25.340737 [debug]  BOOTPD - Starting wait
18:23:25.468214 [debug]  Tftpd - Wait finished
18:23:25.468252 [debug]  TftpClient - Client handler started
18:23:25.468296 [debug]  Tftpd - Starting wait
18:23:25.468315 [debug]  TftpClient - RRQ received for vomp-dongle-0.3.1
18:23:25.468331 [info]   TftpClient - File: '/etc/vdr/plugins/vomp-dongle-0.3.1'
18:23:25.468351 [info]   TftpClient - threadMethod terminating connection

It would nice whether someone of the experts could give me a short hint.

Thanks in advance

based on your advice concerning the dhcp-server setup the MVP is now running successfully on SUSE_9.3. It is performing extremly well as I could  see after minutes. Thank you very much!
As you wrote in your last post some changes during installation could better the process. So it would be beneficial to install and configure the vompserver autonomously (without having a dhcp-server running on the vdr-server). Personally I didn't use this service and distributed IP-numbers statically in the home network.

Now I am quite interesting to see the next vompserver releases. What do you plan as the next features and when would be the next release date?

Hello Chris,
thank you for your reply. As I read your comments I recognized my wrong assumptions. I thought you would keep the IP which you used during the transfer of the dongle to the mvp client. However this seems not being the case. After having another look to the ethereal logfile I observed that the client is sending out the 255... broadcasts with an IP of  I have parts of the ethereal trace attached (some packets before and after dongle transfer. I hope you could confirm your analysis.
So I will have another try during the weekend and give you then notice on (hopefully) success.
Thanks a lot for your support
as a VOMP newbie I tried to install version 0.2.2 (server & dongle but failed at the well known "Locating Server" screen.
I am running Suse9.3 and vdr 1.2.6. Because the mediamvp-plugin was running very well over the last 2 years I thought I should try the more advanced solution.
From the vompserver-log I deduced that everything is running quite smoothly up to the moment where the client tries to identify the server by broadcasts (that I could follow by ethereal-analysis). Then I could no more ping successfully to the client. I studied all the communicaton around that  problem in the forum but failed to succeed.

Therefore my question: May it be possible to add into the code also the opportunity to provide the client with the server IP which would  overcome that frustrating problem? Maybe that something similar is eventually already in the planning for the next release?

Below  are some lines of the vompserver-log:

18:27:21.649639 [debug]  BOOTPD - Wait finished
18:27:21.649839 [debug]  BOOTPD - Got request
18:27:21.650082 [debug]  Config - Opened config file: /etc/vdr/plugins/vomp-00-0D-FE-00-79-6C.conf
18:27:21.650185 [debug]  BOOTPD - Opened config file: /etc/vdr/plugins/vomp-00-0D-FE-00-79-6C.conf
18:27:21.650582 [debug]  BOOTPD - Found IP for MVP
18:27:21.650793 [debug]  BOOTPD - Will enforce IP on MVP even if it already has another
18:27:21.650879 [debug]  BOOTPD - Giving MVP IP from config
18:27:21.651569 [debug]  BOOTPD - Starting wait
18:27:21.782361 [debug]  Tftpd - Wait finished
18:27:21.782569 [debug]  TftpClient - Client handler started
18:27:21.782844 [debug]  Tftpd - Starting wait
18:27:21.782990 [debug]  TftpClient - RRQ received for vomp-dongle-0.2.2
18:27:21.783133 [info]   TftpClient - File: '/etc/vdr/plugins/vomp-dongle-0.2.2'
18:27:29.333446 [info]   TftpClient - File transfer finished
18:27:29.333602 [info]   TftpClient - processMessage terminating connection
18:29:38.273615 [info]   Main - Stopped main server thread
18:29:42.677170 [info]   Main - Logging started
18:29:42.677449 [debug]  Config - 2
18:29:42.677580 [debug]  Config - Config error: Key Server name not found
18:29:42.677833 [debug]  UDP - UDP replier started
18:29:42.678198 [debug]  BOOTPD - Starting bootpd
18:29:42.678373 [debug]  BOOTPD - Bootp replier started
18:29:42.678636 [info]   Main - TFTP path '/etc/vdr/plugins/'
18:29:42.678722 [debug]  Tftpd - Starting TFTPd
18:29:42.680476 [debug]  BOOTPD - Starting wait
18:29:42.680632 [debug]  Tftpd - Starting wait
18:29:42.680760 [debug]  Tftpd - TFTP server started with base path '/etc/vdr/plugins/'
18:29:42.680948 [debug]  Main - MVPServer run success

It would be quite helpful whether I could get some hints to get the system working.