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VOMP General / MVP / Remote Control vomp
« on: June 11, 2010, 11:24:48 »

I want to remote control my vomp powered MediaMVP box. I know about the current functionality using netcat, however, I was more interested in stuff like SVDRP.

I envision to be able to do the following:

svdrpsend -d <ipaddress-of-mvp> chan 13
to switch to channel 13.

svdrpsend -d <ipaddress-of-mvp> play 1
to playback the first recording.

Does anyone else in here think, that this would be a good idea?



I don't know the most recent versions, but the older streamdev had the problem that it supported live TV only. The VOMP infrastructure already supports live TV plus recordings. The only thing, that VOMP does not do atm, iirc, is pausing live TV.

QtVomp / Interest in a stand-alone Qt VOMP player with socket control
« on: December 21, 2009, 23:00:19 »
I wonder if it would be of interest for anyone else, to have a Qt based VOMP player, that is controllable via socket interface. I am working for LinuxMCE and the VDR integration atm is jumping through hoops to get some kind of client server architecture going.

VOMP already has it, and I wonder if anyone would be willing to invest some time in this, to get a Qt VOMP Player going that we can control via sockets or similiar means.

Best regards

Peer Oliver Schmidt

Okay, I downloaded

Code: [Select]

and put it into the dir of my tftpserver as dongle.bin

I created a dongle.bin.ver in parallel to that file with the command

Code: [Select]
dd if=dongle.bin of=dongle.bin.ver bs=1 count=40 skip=52

However, nothing gets loaded from the tftpserver.

My DHCP entries are
Code: [Select]
host mvp-nds {
        filename "/tftpboot/lts/dongle.bin.ver";
        hardware ethernet 00:0d:fe:23:80:10;
What do I do wrong? The MediaMVP does get the IP address, but stays on

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards


Thanks guys for the information regarding getting the dongle-ver file created again. I will try that as soon as i get my hands on the mvp again.

Thanks again.


Good day,

a friend of mine got an H4 MediaMVP, I configured VDR, tftp and dhcp, and wonder why it still says failed to contact server.

Does the dongle.bin.vdr that is delivered with the e-tobi packages high enough (i.e. > 1.1.5) to convince the box to download the new dongle.bin?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


PS: I have the tftp server setup on the standard tftp server port, plug another tftp server at 16869, and the mvprelad running at 16881 according to nmap.

VOMP General / MVP / Re: Translation Efforts
« on: July 25, 2006, 07:55:54 »

just a small input for someone who had to endure a good number of bad translations. Please do not translate technical english words.

A "TCP Receive Window Size" should IMHO not be translated, same as you rarely see the word motherboard be translated into Hauptplatine.

Just my €0.02


VOMP General / MVP / Re: Issues for next release
« on: February 27, 2006, 22:48:45 »
posde: Do you mean restart the MVP or the VDR software/box?

VDR software.


VOMP General / MVP / Re: Issues for next release
« on: February 26, 2006, 18:49:33 »
One thing regarding the rebooting of the VDR: it would be nice to be able to do just that from the box, i.e. send an SVDRP command to the VDR box to try to get it to restart.


VOMP General / MVP / Re: How to help in VOMP-development
« on: February 26, 2006, 18:43:48 »
Hi Chris,

 :-\ everyone has its own preferences. Good for you to be the programmer  ;D

Unfortunately, the translation to german is done, graphics is something I envy what other people do, and C++, well, let's put it that way, if you point me to some parts you can't do at the moment, and which would be a good start, I'd be glad to help.


VOMP General / MVP / How to help in VOMP-development
« on: February 11, 2006, 13:25:18 »

I am using the VOMP setup and like it a lot, even the WAP is great  ;)

How can I go about helping out in the development? I have no real-life experience in C++ development, but would like to help none the less.

If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Main features of interest for the coming versions from my perspective are:
  • Timer setup from EPG
  • DVD playback from VDR

Features of little interest
  • built in tftpd and/or dhcpd
  • Replay OSD

All for now, have a great weekend.


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