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Raspberry Pi client: 0.5.2
Windows client: 0.5.2-1

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I'm not sure if this is what my RPi is suffering, but in one channel (viisi in finland) picture is cut from top and bottom. So for example it loses subtitles :)
Whole screen is used, but top and bottom are cut off.
My TV is 16:9 and I'm using HDMI.
Where can I get some helpful log to examine what is happening or to send someone (Marten?) who understands what's happening...
I guess this is something to do with channel provider. As far as I know, this happens only with that one channel (or at least I haven't watched any other channel suffering from this). Maybe they don't provide all information needed... Although VDR shows that channel correctly.

- Samuli

compiled vompclient from git (Marten branch)

It doesn't work :(

- Samuli

Is there an address for that in here somewhere?
There's no binary version available?  ;)

As I said, I have MLD (MiniDVBLinux Distribution) on my RPi.
Or should I use this quide to build a new vompclient?

That's what happens in log when RPi is on and I turn my TV on.

Hi MartenR,

Is there a way to make RPi log all CEC -Data it "hears"?

Problem is, that RPi turns vompclient off when I turn my TV off, but doesn't turn it on when I turn my TV on.
RPi would be on 24/7 if I can get it to work correctly.

I don't like to keep my TV on 24/7 :)
Our TV is Logik 24" Full HD LED TV (L24FE12N)

As I told earlier, it's about the cheapest Full HD LED TV we could find :)
So basically vompclient listens CEC codes and it writes them to logfile even when it is "turned off"?

So it's not possible that my TV sends some CEC code that RPi ignores? :(
Ok, back to my MVP then (picture quality is so much better with RPi).
And RPi goes to my "electronic junkyard" for now :)

Thanks Marten for your help!
The log I sent is from the time I switched TV off (I quess it's the third line (16:43:58.301218) that was the first signal from remote).

After that last line nothing happened to log (when I turnd TV on or off).
Basically vompclient just disconnected and that's it.

- Samuli
When I run your command, I get this:
/usr/bin/vompclient: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I found out, that I was missing a config parameter.
15:47:38.735292 [debug]  Config - Config error: Key Network logging file not found

I added that, and now I get some data to my new log file :)

I tried to put these:
Network logging = On

to both vomp.conf and vomp-MAC.conf, but nothing seems to change. :(

I did restart my VDR and RPi too.

Now I feel stupid.

Where should this log go? On server location defined in vomp.conf?
my vomp.conf says:

Log file = /var/log/vdr/vompserver.log

Is that the location where vompclient will write it's data?
When I press Power Off for my TV, I'll get this to vompserve.log:
20:39:07.727752 [debug]  Client - Received chan=1, ser=122, op=11, edl=29
20:39:07.727768 [debug]  RRProc - recvReq
20:39:07.727784 [debug]  RRProc - recvReq set req and signalled
20:39:07.727800 [debug]  Client - Waiting
20:39:07.727804 [debug]  RRProc - thread woken with req, queue size: 1
20:39:07.727819 [debug]  Client - Received chan=4 loglen=57
20:39:07.727856 [debug]  RRProc - Config save: General Last Power State Off
20:39:07.727870 [debug]  Client - Waiting
20:39:07.728215 [debug]  RRProc - threadMethod waiting
20:39:07.728860 [debug]  Client - Received chan=4 loglen=54
20:39:07.728882 [debug]  Client - Waiting
20:39:07.730374 [debug]  Client - Received chan=3 kats=1376242746
20:39:07.730398 [debug]  Client - Waiting
20:39:07.730422 [debug]  Client - Received chan=4 loglen=80
20:39:07.730439 [debug]  Client - Waiting
20:39:07.730457 [debug]  Client - Received chan=4 loglen=47
20:39:07.730473 [debug]  Client - Waiting
20:39:07.730491 [debug]  Client - Received chan=4 loglen=75
20:39:07.730508 [debug]  Client - Waiting
20:39:07.730537 [debug]  TCP - TCP has closed socket
20:39:07.730551 [debug]  Client - Disconnection detected
20:39:07.730564 [debug]  Client - Vomp client destructor
20:39:07.730608 [info]   RRProc - threadMethod err 2 or quit

When I press Power button of TV remote (to switch it on), nothing happens in vompserver.log :(
Thanks! I'll do this.  Can you tell me how to turn client logging on from server side?
Sorry, but I really don't know.
As I mentioned earlier, TV is cheap one (Logik) and there is no settings for CEC.

Basically best solution would be that RPi sends PowerOn -message to vompserver when I turn my TV on :)
Maybe this works for other TV:s, but mine stays blank (only this "No Signal" -message appears on screen).

My vompclient is ready package from MLD (their site is down btw) and thus I didin't compile that myself.