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MVP dongle: 0.5.2
Raspberry Pi client: 0.5.2
Windows client: 0.5.2-1

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Topics - Harry

VOMP for Raspberry Pi / sweet RPi port!
February 24, 2013, 22:35:45
thanks for the nice work!

the RPi port looks great - couldnt try out MPEG2 yet as i'm still waiting
for the MPEG2 code... but woooow.

thinking about it...
wouldn't the RPi versions' name be VORP or VORPi?
just kidding.


diff of the code in question here can be found here:;a=commitdiff;h=494f2f74452ea53bcfb9c58c140cc9c002284ca3

my shell cowardly refused to copy and echo sum stuff
compiling vompserver 0.4.0rc for VDR 1.7.22...

g++  -fPIC  -shared vompserver.o dsock.o mvpserver.o udpreplier.o bootpd.o tftpd.o i18n.o vompclient.o tcp.o ringbuffer.o mvprelay.o vompclientrrproc.o config.o log.o thread.o tftpclient.o media.o responsepacket.o mediafile.o mediaplayer.o servermediafile.o serialize.o medialauncher.o recplayer.o mvpreceiver.o -o
/bin/sh: @cp: not found
/bin/sh: @echo: not found

no big deal, just wanted to report.

VOMP General / MVP / OT: VOMP HD Device
October 14, 2009, 11:53:27
hi all,

has anyone made experiences with this device?

who knows.. maybe the next VOMP HD device?
it's around 150 dollars.

VOMP General / MVP / OT: Merry X-Mas
December 25, 2007, 18:30:03
and a sucessful new year 2008 in good health 2 u all!

VOMP General / MVP / translation thingy
October 03, 2007, 16:26:17

out of curiosity:
would i have to correct this in vompserver or in vdr?

from my log
Sep 30 21:29:10 emily vdr: [2529] vompserver: no translation found for 'VOMP client(s) connected' in language 1 (Deutsch)
from vompserver.c
cString cPluginVompserver::Active(void)
  if(MVPClient::getNrClients() != 0) return tr("VOMP client(s) connected");
  return NULL;


has the development come to a halt or is it only taking
a time-out?
last CVS entries are 2/3 month old... that's why i'm asking.

hey, hey!

get ready for a couple of more forum readers!

VOMP has been mentioned
within an article about free software in embedded devices.
why, they've even put up a VOMP screenshot.

credit, where credit's due.

VOMP General / MVP / Request ID 1474962 (WOL)
June 07, 2006, 20:34:11
hi everyone,

yes... i should be posting this on the SF forum.. please don't sue me  ;D

As soon as vomp client finds out
that no connection to vomp server exists it will sent a wake
up on lan to the last know IP adress of the vomp server.

shouldn't that be the MAC address?
according to this it should:
(it's GPL'ed ..yeah!)

best wishes
hi everyone!

there's an interesting discussion in progress on the above mentioned
it's about multi-server/protocol support and about the idea
of merging VOMP code into mvpmc code.

read it here
Quotesubj.: Small project reorg

(you've got to be a list subscriber if you want to read that)

dying to see what will become of all this!
VOMP General / MVP / cPlugin::Active()
April 20, 2006, 14:49:47
Quoteposted by Chris
I will implement this for the next plugin version, since this ability has been requested before on here.
does this mean the idle timer will be reset on every keypress?  ;D
would be superb.
VOMP General / MVP / VDR 1.4 is almost tangible
April 10, 2006, 07:11:44
reading the news on VDR 1.3.46 i found this
The final step remaining, before I'll call it version 1.4, is the
automatic audio track selection during replay. I hope to get this
done over the next weekend...
so, get ready folks!  :D

a VOMP windows client??

i must be mistaken...
VOMP General / MVP / OT: RSS Feed for new Posts?
March 14, 2006, 13:14:14
hi Chris,

would it be possible to make use of SMFs' RSS feature?
(might be helpful for the majority)

VOMP General / MVP / Thanks for: VOMP v0.2.2
March 13, 2006, 18:38:21
just installed it.
very nice progressbar!

many thanx to  Mark C. who is quietly coding in
the background ;)

WAF is up another 0.25 pts  ;D

VOMP General / MVP / Telnet open on MVP
January 18, 2006, 07:14:56
hi Chris,

is there any special reason to keep the telnet port open on
the MVP? ???
presumably for debugging...

VDR developer version 1.3.39 is now available at

as many of you already know, Klaus has thrown out a new version.
find the changelog here:

took me 10 mins to read the changelog... _loads_ of changes
according to Klaus, v1.4 is not so far away anymore.
Fabrizio (standing on Titanic's bow): "I can see the Statue of Liberty already! Very small of course."

VOMP General / MVP / a big HI with bugs and wishes
December 08, 2005, 21:00:53
hello @all,

the "OOBE" with VOMP was very positive -
it's a quality product already!

i'd like to point out these possible bugs and wishes:

- the main-menu clock doesn't get updated

- pressing the green button and selecting "Standby" apparently doesn't
  trigger the same event.
  [my telly switches on and off with the SCART signal. however, it only
  stays off if i select "Standby". with the green button the telly turns
  off and then immediately back on again (while the MVP stays off)]

- a progress bar indicating how far a running (live TV) programme has advanced
  would be _very_ nice (similar to this one but doesnt need to be alpha blended)

- EPG info is not scrollable if text doesn't fit into the box

- EPG info should include current time

- changing the channel via buttons 0-9 should accept one, two (timeout
  controlled) and three digit entries

that's all for now.
i hope i'm not being presumptuous by posting this.