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VOMP for Raspberry Pi / vomp 0.5 - my test results
« on: January 12, 2019, 11:24:10 »
Hello Chris,
hello MartenR,

I use this wonderful client since many years together with yavdr. After a couple of years I changed my current installation with v0.4.1 to the current v0.5 from git and I´m very happy about the current improvements:

- very fast listing/starting playback of recordings (big subvolume mounted via smb) which took ~15sek in earlier versions
- no problems with HD+-channels in addition to current vdr 2.2.0
- new skin

But I found the following problems with the current git:

- TV is restarting after power-off when connected by CEC and switched to the HDMI of RasPi (Panasonic TV / RasPi 3 with current firmware, 'hdmi_ignore_cec_init=1' in config.txt set so TV does not turn on when raspi starts)
- litte colored strip of background can be seen if transmitted picture is not over the full screen and no overscan is configured (could be solved by completely black background when playing TV or playback of recordings)
- refresh of info-bar is not complete when display of time changes or a new channel is selected after the info-bar is called -> new time or channel number is display over the old one
- when complied with the current package-hints in one of the older threads, CEC will not run until I install the current cec again (simply by calling 'apt-get install cec-utils') which replaces the older, manually defined cec library

I tried to understand the sources, found the color-definitions to change the background to complete black. But I was not able to find the positions for info-bar and the restarts of my TV... If you would tell me where I should begin with my investigations or if you need some debug-info, plz tell me.

Last thing:
Actually I switched the gpu-mem to 256MB because sometimes I only got a black screen (which I can leave with back-key to the normal tv) when calling the EPG by the blue-key. This is gone since 256MB GPU and a fixed definition of HDMI-parameters to 1920x1080/50p (normal 24" display is connected with a HDMI/DVI-cable).

Over all I´m very happy with vompclient on raspi! Thanks for your work and tell me if I can help you with further development!


VOMP for Raspberry Pi / Selection radio stations not possible
« on: November 20, 2013, 07:13:48 »
Hello MartenR,

I tried the last release and your actual git, same problem:

I want to hear radio-station, for e.g. number 2761. With forward/backward and so on, I can select it. But not by using the direct number in the radio-channel-list.


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